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Chapter 182: The Familiar Diamond Ring

Su Yayans mind went blank for a moment, and she stared at the blue rose in front of her absently.

It took a while before she could finally find her voice.

“You want me to agree with just a blue rose Its rather perfunctory, dont you think”

She felt a little regretful after she spoke.

It was not just a blue rose, but a garden of roses plus a manor and an island!

However, she was still willing to marry him even if there was only one rose, so why did she reply to him that way

“What if I add on this” Huo Chenhuan took out the small box he had prepared ages ago and handed it to Su Yayan.

Su Yayans expression instantly changed when she saw what was inside.

Inside the exquisite little box lay a beautiful white gold diamond ring.

The diamond rings band was in the shape of a rotating twist, and the diamond on the top was encircled from the left and right.

In addition, if you looked closely, you could see a fine engraving on the outer band of this ring in the shape of an olive branch.

At a glance, it looked like two olive branches encircling the diamond.

It was rather unique but beautiful nonetheless.

However, what really surprised Su Yayan was not the design of this diamond ring, but that she had seen this diamond ring in her past life.

During the days when she was with Huo Chenhuan as a spirit, she had seen Huo Chenhuan alone at night staring at this diamond ring thoughtfully.

Could it be that in the past life, he had also dreamed about being with her That was right, he liked her very much, so how could he have not thought about it

However, since he had thought about it, why did he not put it into action If only…

Countless guesses passed through Su Yayans mind, but Huo Chenhuan knew nothing about it.

Seeing her silence, his little heart, which had been accustomed to difficult situations, became extremely nervous.


His words brought Su Yayan back to her senses, and then she remembered that she was on the scene of a marriage proposal, and he was proposing to her with this familiar ring!

“Since you are so sincere, I reluctantly agree to marry you.”

Although Su Yayan had said that, she could not hide the light in her eyes, and anyone could see her uplifted mood at the moment.

Huo Chenhuans heart settled, and he did not attempt to expose her.

He picked up the ring and slid it onto her finger carefully.

After wearing it, Su Yayan stared at the ring over and over several times.

Its size was just right – not too loose or tight.

It would neither hurt nor slip out easily.

“How did you know the size of my finger”

“I measured it.”

“You measured it How so”

Huo Chenhuan stretched out his hand to hold her hand and then spread his fingers apart to clasp between her fingers.

“Thats how I measured it.”

Su Yayan, “…” Do you think I would fall for that How can it be measured like this

However, she also knew that it would not make much sense to pursue this topic, and she soon changed the topic to one that she was more curious about.

“The pattern on this ring is rather special.

Does it have any special meaning”

Huo Chenhuan stroked the texture on the ring while not letting go of her hand.

“The brief I gave him was eternity, and this was the design he created for me.

The ring body is a miniature version of a Mobius ring, which symbolizes endlessness.

The olive branch above seems to symbolize peace, but in fact, it represents the endless growth of a garden, forever and ever.”

Su Yayan heard his explanation and felt her eyes getting moist.

Eternity and forever and ever – what heart-warming words they were to her.

In her past life, they failed to fulfill this beautiful dream.

In this life, they must live it out for as long as this ring implied.


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