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Chapter 185: Scared That Id Eat You Up

Su Yayan jumped up in fright, and when she focused on the shadow, she realized that it was Dun Dun!

Soon after, she raised her eyes to find Huo Chenhuans familiar silhouette at her door.

He looked slightly different from when they had parted ways.

The light blue cotton pajamas he had on him made him seem a little more friendly and casual.

He looked… more attractive!

Huo Chenhuan saw that Su Yayan could not take her eyes off of him and broke the silence.

“Its raining.”

Su Yayan snapped out of it instantly and chuckled awkwardly.

“Y-yeah, it is.”

“Its thundering.”


“Dun Dun seemed to be afraid of the thunder, he kept wanting to come over.”

“Dun Dun is afraid of the thunder” Su Yayan blinked confusedly as she looked at the little fellow that was at her feet.

Dun Dun, “…” Yes yes, Im afraid, since Im already so used to being framed!

“Woof…” Dun Dun barked pitifully, then darted onto Su Yayans cotton slippers while shivering uncontrollably.

If Gu Shaoyang and the rest were here, they would exclaim thatthis dog has truly gained human wisdom after witnessing this scene.

Su Yayan looked at Dun Dun and her heart was filled with compassion for him.

She bent down and picked the little fellow up.

“Ill let him sleep with me in my room then.”

After Su Yayan had finished speaking, she realized that Huo Chenhuan was still at her door, unmoving.

She asked quizzically, “Is there anything else”

“Im afraid of the thunder too.”

Su Yayan, “…” Afraid my foot! Ive been around you for so many thundering days the last time, and Ive never seen you being afraid of it before!

“How old are you now Are you really still afraid of thunder”

“This has nothing to do with my age.”

The corner of Su Yayans mouth twitched, and in her heart, she thought that what he said about it having nothing to do with his age was true since it had everything to do with the thickness of the skin on his face.

At that moment, it was clear that Huo Chenhuan had decided that his face was going to be thick-skinned all the way.

“Theres no one else in this house except for you and me.”

In other words,Im afraid of the thunder and I could only come to you.

“What about… I send Dun Dun to accompany you”

Dun Dun after a whole lot of acting, “”

“Hes afraid, and Im afraid, so when were together wed be extra afraid.”

Was he really going for one plus one equals two here Su Yayan could barely hold back the urge to roll her eyes.

She wanted to tell the person in front of her that actually… She was afraid of the thunder too!

However, in such a situation, it clearly would not work.

“What do you say that we do”

A glint of mischief flashed through Huo Chenhuans eyes as he had gotten his way.

“Youve allowed Dun Dun to stay in your room, so I dont think you mind an additional person, right”

Su Yayan, “!!!” Who said I dont mind Dun Dun is Dun Dun, you are you! How is that the same

“I dont think thats ideal.

I have bad sleeping posture.”

Once Huo Chenhuan heard what Su Yayan said, he could not hold back his laughter.

“What are you thinking I just wanna borrow the space on the floor in your room.

Im sleeping on the floor.”

Su Yayan was flabbergasted, her face was quickly flushed.

Oh goodness, what was she saying!

“Cough, Im not thinking of anything.

Why would you give up the bed in your room for the floor in mine With this kind of weather, arent you worried that youll freeze to death sleeping on the floor at this hour”

“Theres central heating in the house.”

Su Yayan choked.

“Well, there arent any extra blankets.”

“The extra blankets are in the bottom right corner in the cupboard, there are both blankets to sleep on and blankets to cover up.”

Su Yayan, “…” So well prepared I suspect that youve planned this for a long time!

“Even if you have all those things, its still…”

Before Su Yayan could finish, Huo Chenhuan said, “What are you afraid of”


Huo Chenhuan rolled his wheelchair until he was right in front of Su Yayan, stared straight into her eyes, and said meaningfully, “What are you afraid of Are you scared that Id eat you up”


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