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Chapter 209: Was She Really Her Sister

The expression on You Yushis face stiffened.

Su Yayan had read her mind once again.

She looked upset that Su Yayan had revealed her intentions so bluntly.

“Perhaps, you can try to converse with one person.”


Su Yayan took out the projector and showed them the camera footage that Xia Junsheng had prepared earlier to the people in the ward.

They relived the scene of You Yushi being pushed off the stage and felt somewhat uncomfortable.

You Jingyu looked murderous.

Although she was furious, she was the first one to notice something amiss.

“This girl…” You Jingyu pointed to Si Mengyu, who staggered and almost fell over with You Yushi.

“Sister, she was the one who knocked me off the stage.”

“With so many people around, how can you be sure it was her”

You Yushi pouted a little unhappily.

“Who else could it be Before I fell, she was arguing with me.

After I fell, she happened to be the only person to come out.

How could there be such a coincidence”

“Its quite a coincidence.

Si Mengyu was standing behind you, but there was another girl just behind her.”

You Yushi choked.

She just realized that when she fell, the person who was standing behind Si Mengyu was… Wen Jingping

Su Yayan sighed inwardly at how sharp You Jingyu was.

After watching such a short video only once, she had found a clue already.

“Whether or not it is a coincidence, you will know the answer if you summon someone over and ask her about it.”

“Who should I summon”

Su Yayan glanced at her meaningfully and chuckled lightly.

“If you had to choose between them, who would you prefer to summon”

“I…” You Yushi wanted to say that she did not want to see either of them.

However, she felt that the answer was too impulsive after thinking about it.

After thinking for a while, she reluctantly told the truth.

“Si Mengyu.”

“Its an interesting choice.

Si Mengyu had caused you to be hospitalized, but now that you have to choose, you chose her.”

“Originally, I didnt have much bad blood with her.

If it wasnt for Wen Jingping…”

Su Yayan smiled.

This girl was impulsive but not foolish.

You Jingyu listened to the conversation between the two and quickly understood Su Yayans intentions.

“Are you using us”

“It wouldnt quite count as using you.

You Yushi is an artiste in our company, and we have the right to seek justice for her.

At the same time, it just so happens that we have a common enemy.”

Su Yayan winked at You Jingyu playfully.

“Given that she is the victim in this matter, I thought that it would be reasonable for you to call the shots here.

Otherwise, we can also handle it, but the outcome may not be as good for you as you imagine.”

You Jingyu looked at Su Yayan meaningfully and said nothing.

You Yushi looked at the two dumbstruck and asked in confusion, “Why are you two talking in riddles”

Before Su Yayan could say anything, You Jingyu had reached out and taken the projector from her hand.

“I will take care of this matter.”

“The company will assist in the follow-up matters.”

“Thank you.”

“Its no trouble.

There is nothing else, we will go back first.

Yushi, please rest well and recover in the meantime.

We will visit again.”

Su Yayan took a final glance at You Yushi and brought Xia Junsheng back.

You Jingyu gazed thoughtfully at the projector in her hand and then towards the direction where the two were leaving.

When You Yushi saw You Jingyu standing there without speaking, she tentatively asked, “Sis”

“Your boss is much sharper than you.”

You Yushi, “…” This was the second time.

Was she really her sister


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