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Chapter 210: Running to Seek Death

Su Yayan had just left the hospital when Xia Junsheng could not help but ask, “Do you really believe that they can do it well”

“If you use someone, dont suspect them; if you suspect someone, dont use them.

If it were just You Yushi alone, it would be impossible.

However, her sister is a powerful character, and a character like Wen Jingping has nothing to hide from her.

Just wait.

They might have done even better than we expected.

With her around, we cant let You Yushi suffer.”

Su Yayan closed her eyes after saying that.

Now that she thought about it, it was a coincidence that Wen Jingping had gone to the hospital.

Based on the situation today, she must have met You Yushi before You Jingyu arrived.

Otherwise, she definitely would not have brought such a large group of people to the ward to make a scene.

This thought was interesting.

You Jingyus sister had not even arrived at the hospital when she received the news, but she had already rushed over to apologize.

No matter how one looked at it, it seemed like she was already prepared.

Unfortunately, she had already found the evidence, and since they were at the recording studio, the news reached You Jingyus ears.

They were already in the hospital.

It was fine if Wen Jingping did not cause trouble, but if she did, she would probably die.

In reality, just as Su Yayan had predicted, Wen Jingping did make the same choice as before.

After You Yushi was hospitalized, she contacted Huo Shaofeng immediately and told him the whole story.

She also told him that it was all because of her.

She was worried that You Yushis management company and program team would blame Si Mengyu because of this.

If that happened, she would be implicated.

Si Mengyu was in the middle of a storm, and it was not convenient for her to visit You Yushi in the hospital.

Hence, she wanted to visit You Yushi in Si Mengyus place and seek forgiveness from You Yushi for Si Mengyu.

However, at the same time, she was worried that You Yushi would make things difficult for her if she apologized.

When Huo Shaofeng heard her words, he was touched by her kindness, but at the same time, he was worried that she would be taken advantage of.

At first, he offered to let the bodyguard go, but Wen Jingping rejected him.

The reason was that he was there to apologize, not to fight.

It was not appropriate to bring bodyguards.

Huo Shaofeng thought about it and agreed.

He thought of finding a bunch of reporters to accompany her.

“Shes here” When You Jingyu received the bodyguards report, it was already an hour after Su Yayan left.

“Shes already downstairs with a bunch of reporters.

Eldest Young Mistress, should we let her up”

“Reporters” A cold light flashed in You Jingyus eyes as she chuckled.

“She has some brains, but its a pity that theyre not on the right track.”

You Yushi was stunned for a moment.

“Sis, do you think Im the most brainless because everyone has brains”

You Jingyu looked at her with disdain and said in a cold and heartless manner, “Thats the truth.”

You Yushi was furious.

“You said my boss is smart before, and now you say Wen Jingping is smarter than me, you…”

Before You Yushi could finish, Yun Luoshan asked, “Why did she bring reporters here Is she looking for trouble”

“See, this girl is smarter than you.”

“Shes looking for trouble.

Why would she come now Is there something wrong with her brain”

“Youre the one with the loose screw! If you were smart enough, you wouldnt have gotten into a fight with someone in public and landed yourself in hospital.

If not for the fact that Im here, and if not for the surveillance video footage that your boss sent to us to give us the upper hand, you probably wouldnt have been able to take this lying down even if you were used by someone.

Youd have been driven to your grave.”


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