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Chapter 211: The Scene

“Sis!” You Yushi was furious.

She was not that lousy!

You Jingyu did not explain much to her.

“Let her up.”

Five minutes later, Wen Jingping walked in behind the black-suited bodyguard.

Behind her was a group of reporters armed with an array of cameras.

Wen Jingpings heart skipped a beat when she saw the bodyguards downstairs.

Now that she saw an unknown woman in the room, she had a feeling that things were out of her control.

Unfortunately, she had no choice but to use her sword.

She could only ask, “This is…”

You Jingyus eyes flickered, and she said directly, “Im Yu Shis elder sister.

You are”

“I am…”

Before Wen Jingping could finish, You Yushi interrupted her impatiently.

“What are you here for”

Wen Jingpings face turned pale, and she immediately looked hurt, but she was secretly happy at You Yushis honesty.

Faced with so many reporters and cameras, it would save her a lot of trouble if she behaved like normal.

You Yushi was annoyed by her behavior.

Every time she spoke, it was as if someone had bullied her and that she had suffered a huge grievance.

Did she really think that she was a little princess Everyone in the world had to praise and accommodate her like she was a fragile thing.

She was crazy!

“Im here to apologize to you on behalf of Mengyu.”

You Yushi raised her brows.

“Apologize to me on behalf of Si Mengyu.

Why didnt she come herself”

“She… shes too embarrassed to come.”

Wen Jingping thought You Yushi would stab her in the back for saying that, but she did not expect You Yushi to only reply coldly, “Oh.”

Wen Jingping was stunned and almost froze.

After a moment of silence, she continued, “Actually, Mengyu already regretted it.

She did not expect things to turn out this way, and she even caused you to be admitted to the hospital.

There were already people from the program team who went to talk to her.

She realized her mistake, but she was afraid that if she saw you like this, you would feel worse, so she did not come.”

You Yushi listened to her emotional performance and did not say anything.

Wen Jingping had no choice but to continue with her solo act.

“She was too impulsive in the end.

It wasnt a big deal in the first place, and now that things have turned out this way, its not what everyone wanted.

Yushi, can you be magnanimous and forgive her this time Dont let the production team pursue matters with her.

I apologize on her behalf and thank you on her behalf.”

She did not mention herself in her entire speech.

Instead, she pushed all the blame onto Si Mengyu and even portrayed herself as a loyal and righteous person who would beg for forgiveness for her friend.

You Yushi sneered and suddenly asked, “There were so many people present at that time.

How did you know that she was the one who caused me to fall off the stage”

Wen Jingping was stunned.

The words on the tip of her tongue were stuck for a second.

“At that time… everyone saw it.”

“Everyone saw it”

“Then did you see her push me with your own eyes”

You Yushi emphasizedpush me andwith your own eyes.

Wen Jingpings heart skipped a beat again, and she said stiffly, “I didnt see it, but everyone was busy separating the two of you at that time, and they were all trying to pull you apart.

Only Mengyu kept struggling to get to you.”

After saying a few suggestive words, she hurriedly pleaded, “She must have been too angry back then…”

You Yushi looked at her with a faint smile and said nothing.

At that moment, a familiar roar came from beside her.

“Wen Jingping, you b*tch!”


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