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Chapter 218: The Art of Speech

Or was she jealous that you found such an outstanding boyfriend

Su Yayan had indeed thought about this when she saw the whitewashing tactics.

After all, to put it nicely, Huo Shaofeng had a unique way of thinking.

To put it bluntly, he was too self-absorbed and had no idea what he was thinking.

In his heart, he certainly thought that Wen Jingping being able to find a rich and handsome boyfriend like him was something that would make other girls jealous.

Huo Shaofeng bought fake reviewers, and You Jingyu naturally did not want to be outdone.

He bought a bunch of fake reviewers to fight with him.

Perhaps because of the plot armor, You Jingyu, who was supposed to be better than Huo Shaofeng, could only fight him to a draw.

When immortals fight, the little ghosts suffer.

The ones who were truly miserable were the production team.

Ever since Wen Jingping joined their show, she had caused a lot of trouble.

The production teams higher-ups were already angry with her and wanted to kick her out.

However, the young master of the Huo family was behind this person, and they could not afford to offend him.

After this incident, You Yushi was an artiste from Dongcheng, and Dongcheng was one of their sponsors.

Furthermore, she was the second daughter of the You Corporation, so they could not afford to offend her.

Should they kick Wen Jingping out or not If they kicked her out now, would the Huo family make things difficult for them It would really make the heads of the higher-ups white.

Su Yayans order reached the directors ears.

“What our boss means is that everyone is just trying to earn a living, and its not easy for anyone.

Even though this incident was bad, and we suffered a loss, at the end of the day, its because some people are not good enough, and it has nothing to do with the program team.

We will not really pursue the responsibility of the program team.

Furthermore, we have invested in this program, so we naturally do not want to see our hard work go to waste.”

“We can keep this Wen Jingping because shes so popular now.

After all, if everyone on the show is good, Im afraid there wont be any conflicts.

Without conflicts, how can there be popularity Dont you think so”

The director was no fool, so how could he not understand Dongchengs attitude towards Wen Jingping

In this world, there were always some people who knew the art of speech very well.

The moment they opened their mouths, it made one feel happy.

Even if they knew that the other party had ulterior motives, they would still help willingly.

On the other hand, some people would make others feel repulsed the moment they opened their mouths, and perhaps they would choose to submit out of fear of the other partys power.

No matter how well they acted on the surface, it was impossible for them not to comply behind the scenes.

“I understand.

Thank you for your understanding, CEO Su.

The same thing will never happen again.

Wen Jingping will stay, but we will stop her from doing anything unnecessary.

You and CEO Su can rest assured.”

“Then Ill leave the remaining children in your care.”

“Youre welcome.”

Just like that, Wen Jingping was left behind.

She thought that Huo Shaofengs white cleansing was working or that Huo Shaofengs previous pressure on the production team made them not dare chase her out.

Regardless, it was good that she could stay.

If she could stay, it meant that she still had a chance.

However, she soon realized that she had been too naive.

Although the police could not convict her due to insufficient evidence, the contestants that the program team interacted with day and night were not as clueless as those bystanders.

They all knew how well Si Mengyu treated Wen Jingping and how much she took care of her.

In addition to Si Mengyus straightforward personality, the other contestants were actually very willing to interact with her.

Compared to Wen Jingping, they trusted Si Mengyu more.


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