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Chapter 219: This Is Only the Beginning

Moreover, those few contestants who ran over to pull Si Mengyu also spontaneously joined in when this incident was initially exposed.

It meant that they were holding onto Si Mengyu at that time.

The few of them were holding onto one of them, so they should have already held on.

However, Si Mengyu still rushed out in the end.

That force did not seem like her own.

In other words, someone was pushing her from behind.

They had no proof that this person was Wen Jingping, but their rationality was already leaning toward Si Mengyu and the rest.

They subconsciously wanted to stay away from this scary woman.

How scary was it to be able to push out a woman who was willing to fight for her own benefit, a friend who treated her wholeheartedly, a friend who always stood up for her

It was fine if they stayed away, but the closer they got to her, the more likely she would use them as stepping stones!

With this thought in mind, the other contestants who did not notice her originally began to distance themselves from her consciously.

The so-called isolation tactic that Wen Jingping used to deceive Si Mengyu, in the end, became a reality for her.

Other than that, Yun Luoshan also returned to the program team.

Si Mengyu and You Yushi were both in the top 20.

They had withdrawn from the competition, so their rankings were delayed.

Yun Luoshan, who was behind her, was called back.

After this incident, the girl who had been acting shy and cowardly since joining the group seemed to have grown up.

She smiled at the other girls, who were usually more talkative, and her smile faded as she walked up to Wen Jingping.


Before Wen Jingping could finish, Yun Luoshan interrupted her.

“Sister Yushis matter wont end here.

This is just the beginning.”

Then, without waiting for Wen Jingpings reaction, she turned and left.

Wen Jingping looked at her back and thought about what she had just said.

For some reason, a chill ran down her spine.

After Su Yayan asked Xia Junsheng to convey her stance to the production team, she completely ignored this matter.

Half a month after the construction team officially started, Su Yayans medicinal cuisine hall was officially completed.

All the furniture inside was neatly arranged, waiting for the arrival of the owner and guests.

“The restaurant Why does this name sound weird”

“What do you mean weird Isnt it just eating happily Which restaurant doesnt want customers to eat happily in their own restaurant and come over often”

“You have a point.”

The dozen over employees sent over earlier had gathered together to discuss the store name and its decorations.

This was the scene that Su Yayan saw when she entered the room.

She raised her eyebrows and cleared her throat to attract everyones attention.

Their discussion came to an abrupt halt.

They hurriedly lined up and shouted, “Hello, boss.”

Su Yayan laughed and waved her hand.

“Theres no need to be so serious.

Some of you are my relatives, and some of you are my brothers trusted aides.

I can trust each and every one of you.”

Su Yayans words made the eyes of the youths light up.

However, they did not do anything to curry favor.

Su Yayan saw this and nodded in satisfaction.

She smiled and said, “Uncle and my brother must have told you to take note of something before they sent you here, right”

The few of them looked at each other and said honestly, “President Su told us to listen to Young Mistress.”

The other young men echoed, “Thats what the master said as well.”


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