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Chapter 220: Employee Benefits

“Thats good.

Actually, Im not a difficult person to get along with.

As long as you respect me, I will respect you too.

But if I find out that someone violated the rules of the shop and did something unreasonable and immoral, then Im sorry, I can only do business as usual.

Whether youre my relative or my brothers trusted aide, I wont have mercy.”

Everyone was stunned.

They suddenly realized that this smiling young girl might not be as naïve as she looked.

“Even though its not nice to hear, I like to make things clear first.

This way, everyone will be happy and save a lot of trouble.”

Su Yayan had just finished speaking when a young man asked loudly, “Boss, what are the rules of our shop”

Su Yayan looked in the direction of the voice and realized that it was a young man in his early twenties.

He looked strong, but he was also a little tanned.

He looked rather street smart.

“The rules in our store are simple.

Im sure youve heard that our store makes medicinal cuisine.

What do I mean by medicinal cuisine Its food that has been added with Chinese medicine.

Eating this food can cure the illness and strengthen the body.

However, since its medicine, it has to be effective against the illness.

Taking the wrong medicine will not only not improve the body, but it will also harm the body.”

This was the first time that everyone had heard something like this, and they were stunned.

This food might be food, but how was it related to medicine Was this a restaurant or a drugstore

Su Yayan did not have the energy to wait for them to savor her words.

She continued, “I will select a batch of people to be in charge of the kitchen in the future.

In other words, you will be preparing a large portion of the medicinal cuisine sold in the store.

The rules of the store are these people in charge of the kitchen are not allowed to make medicinal cuisine outside without my permission after you leave the kitchen.

Whether you sell it or make it for your family, you must get my permission.

Otherwise, if anything happens to the food, I will not be held responsible.”

When everyone heard Su Yayans words, they were even more confused.

They originally thought they were here to do mundane work, but they now realized it was not easy.

Not only did they have to cook, but they also had to learn how to treat illnesses

“Boss, we dont know how to cook, and we dont know the medicine.

What should we do”

“You dont have to worry about that.

Ill teach you later.

Ill teach you how to make medicinal cuisine, differentiate the ingredients, and measure their weight.” Su Yayan paused and continued teasingly, “Also, employees have special benefits.”

“What benefits”

“If the employees in the store need the medicinal cuisine, we can provide it for free.

Your family members can try it out first and get a discount later.”

“This…” Everyone looked at each other, clearly not understanding Su Yayans words.

Su Yayan had expected this, so she was prepared for it.

“I dont think you have any idea what Im talking about.

How about this Ill pick two of you who havent been feeling well recently to make a medicinal cuisine for you to try and see how it works.”

Everyone frowned at the same time.

The employees looked at each other as if they wanted to find out who was feeling unwell and wanted to take the lead and stand out.

Unexpectedly, Su Yayan did not even need to do that.

She directly pointed at the two people in the crowd.

“You and you.

Both of you, please step forward.”


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