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Chapter 253: My Wife Knitted It

When they came out of the conference room, a group of glamorous and domineering industry elites looked like they had just been fished out of water.

Their faces were pale and their backs were wet.

“I was so scared just now.

I thought I would die here today!”

“Who says so When Boss looked at you just now, I was sweating.

That gaze was really… scary.

But youre smart.

You suddenly mentioned Bosss scarf…”

“Hehehe, I was desperate.

I suddenly remembered Manager Zuos words earlier, so I couldnt help but take a gamble.”

As soon as he said this, everyones gaze fell on Zuo Yanbai.

“Manager Zuo, what kind of magical item is the CEOs scarf Why does he value it so much”

“Thats not a godly weapon.

Its just because the person who knitted it is someone that the CEO cares about.”

“The person we care about… could it be…” They wanted to ask more, but Zuo Yanbai and the others had already left.

That afternoon, all the supervisors phones vibrated at the same time.

When they opened it, they realized that the big boss that they had been paying special attention to had sent a notification.

He clicked on it and saw the familiar scarf picture.

Big Boss: Is this scarf nice

Everyone, “…”

After all, they had praised it once before, and now that they had some experience, they were more sincere than before.

In an instant, all the higher-ups were praising him.

A few minutes later, Huo Chenhuan smiled as he looked at the rainbow farts.

Satisfied, he chose to reply to the comment that garnered the most likes, which asked where he bought the scarf.

The reply: “My wife knitted it for me.

You cant buy it.”

Everyone, “…” What the h*ll, so Madam knitted it herself.

No wonder the CEO treasured it so much!

They really could not tell that their big boss, who had such a terrifying aura, was actually doting on his wife at home.

It was really shocking!

Su Yayan, who had no idea that her scarf had piqued the curiosity of all the executives in Huo Chenhuans company, suddenly felt an itch in her nose.

She sneezed loudly.

“Oh, whos talking about me behind my back!”

While Huo Chenhuan was secretly showing off his love for Su Yayan, the first wave of customers in Su Yayans store had finally started to show up.

The reality was different from the internet.

Even if someone from the research institute spoke up for Su Yayan, many people were just observing and did not dare to try.

When the first batch of customers came out to report how delicious their food was and how their bodies had changed after eating, many of them started to get restless.

The next day, there was a small outburst.

It started with a middle-aged man who was bald for a long time posting pictures of him going to the restaurant.

Before he left, his head was completely bald.

It could be said that not a single strand of hair grew on it.

However, this morning, many black hairs had appeared on his bald head.

Even though he might not be able to feel it, at least it was growing.

When this person appeared, many peoples first reaction was not one of surprise, but doubt.

They felt that this was a marketing strategy of the restaurant, purposely misleading others to spend in their restaurant.

However, as soon as he said that, some other customers who were also bald and were troubled by other complicated illnesses came out to speak for the restaurant.

They even showed the records of their customers.


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