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Chapter 260: Anything About Yanyan is Important

Those people felt a chill down their spines when they heard those words.

“Dont slander us.

We didnt say anything.”

“Thats right.

Just because shes part of the Su family, she can slander people like this”

Su Yueting scoffed.

“I havent even repeated what you guys said.

Why is someone feeling guilty first”


While they were arguing, Zuo Yanbai had already roughly told Huo Chenhuan about their identities and backgrounds, naturally emphasizing their relationship with Huo Qihans family.

Huo Chenhuans eyes were slightly cold.

“Madam Zhen, Madam Lu, Madam Zhu, right Go back and tell your family that the Huo Corporation will be cutting off all ties with your familys businesses.

If you dont want to go bankrupt, find a new family as soon as possible so that you dont end up on the streets.”

When they heard Huo Chenhuans words, their expressions changed slightly.

Madam Zhu, who came from the best family, could not help but take a step forward and said arrogantly, “What right do you have to cut off our cooperation with the Huo family Its just a…”

Before Mrs.

Zhu could finish her sentence, Huo Chenhuan interrupted her.

“Im the only legitimate heir of the Huo family.

Yanbai, send the guests away.

I dont want to see these families ever again.”

Huo Chenhuan was obviously trying to blacklist these families.

Zuo Yanbai agreed respectfully, his eyes filled with excitement.

Zuo Yanbais movements had always been swift.

As soon as Huo Chenhuan finished speaking, he led a group of people and rushed out with the women.

The women did not expect Huo Chenhuan to really attack them.

They struggled and cursed angrily, but that did not change the fate of being thrown out.

When the few of them were completely thrown out of the manor and the house regained its peace, Huo Chenhuan finally looked up and glanced at Gu Shaoyang.

Gu Shaoyang instantly understood.

He smiled.

“There are too many people here, so I didnt notice that a few rats were mixed in.

Its our fault for affecting your mood.

Please dont mind.

When the banquet ends, well prepare a small gift for each of you as an apology for what happened just now.”

Gu Shaoyangs words caused quite a few people to agree that it was fine.

The atmosphere seemed to return to how it had been before the incident, but there was also an indescribable pressure.

However, no matter what, after this commotion, even if there were still people who mocked this marriage between the two, they still didnt dare rashly announce it.

The word “bankruptcy” was no joke, even though some of them, like the other women, were skeptical of Huo Chenhuans words.

But if he really caused trouble for his family because of some gossip, it would be a very foolish action, and the gains would not make up for the losses.

In the process of Huo Chenhuan throwing those people out, Su Yueting and the rest of the Su family had been observing from the start.

When things were almost settled, she asked meaningfully, “What you said just now was true.

Can you influence the Huo Corporations decision and make their family bankrupt”

Huo Chenhuans expression did not change.

He said calmly, “Auntie, I never say things that Im not sure of.”

Su Yueting raised her brows and continued to ask, “Isnt it making a mountain out of a molehill to make a person bankrupt with just a few words”

“Anything related to Yanyan has never been a small matter.” Huo Chenhuan turned around and glanced at Su Yayan.

His expression darkened and he said coldly, “Besides, people have to pay for what theyve done and said.”


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