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Chapter 272: Delightful Feeding

“Dinners ready.

Get a few people to help out.”

Zuo Yanbai and the others were so attracted by the fragrance that their necks almost elongated into swan necks.

When they heard Su Yayans words, they immediately rushed into the kitchen and asked enthusiastically, “What do you need”

Su Yayan was startled by their excited looks.

She paused for a few seconds before saying, “Bring these two pots of soup to the front.”

“Understood, understood.

Leave it to the two of us.

Young Madam, please move aside so that you dont get scalded.” As Gu Shaoyang spoke, he pushed Su Yayan aside and followed Zuo Yanbai out of the room.

Not long after they left, Uncle Zhang and Ling Xiaoqi came in.

“Young Madam, please wait outside.

Well send these over.” Uncle Zhang then politely chased Su Yayan out.

Su Yayan was speechless.

Su Yayan felt like she had been abandoned after being used.

She turned around and left the kitchen, looking for her husband to comfort her wounded heart.

Coincidentally, Huo Chenhuan had just finished watching the livestream and came downstairs.

Su Yayan bumped into him as soon as she left the kitchen.

Her eyes lit up as she chatted with him about the dishes she had just cooked.

“I made braised food and hotpot.

There are two flavors.

You should like hotpot, but you just took a medicinal bath last night.

I have to perform acupuncture on you tonight.

Its so spicy that you can only eat a little.

Lets eat the lighter one today, okay”

Su Yayan was the one who cooked the food, so Huo Chenhuan agreed.


Seeing how cooperative he was, Su Yayan could not help but kiss him.

Zuo Yanbai and Zuo Yanbai were about to return to the kitchen to see if there was anything else they could help with when they bumped into Uncle Zhang and the others.

They also happened to see Su Yayans family.

Su Yayan raised her head and met their surprised gazes.

“Ahem, since everyone is here, lets eat.” Su Yayan blushed as she pushed Huo Chenhuan to sit at the table.

A gentle smile flashed across Huo Chenhuans eyes.

However, when he looked at Zuo Yanbai and the others, there was a hint of coldness and a hint of warning.

Their bodies shook, and they did not dare look around anymore.

They obediently ran to the kitchen to move the stuff.

Although Su Yayan had prepared a lot of ingredients, it was enough for everyone to have two rounds.

After putting down the dishes, no one raised their chopsticks.

Instead, all of them stared at Su Yayan like little chicks waiting to be fed.

Su Yayan was speechless.

“Cough, this is a spicy pot, and this is a large-boned clear soup pot.

You can choose according to your preferences.

When the soup is boiling, you can add something inside…”

As Su Yayan spoke, she added vegetables like lotus roots, cucumbers, and beef slices into the pot.

“Green vegetables and beef slices are easier to cook.

When they float, you can pick them up and eat them.

Dont burn the beef slices for too long.

You can pick them up after a few burns.

If you burn them for too long, they will grow old and wont taste good.”

As Su Yayan spoke, she demonstrated to them.

After the demonstration, she turned around and brought the cooked beef to Huo Chenhuans mouth.

“Try it.”

Under everyones envious gazes, Huo Chenhuan lowered his head and took a bite of the beef.

The beef was tender and delicious.

Coupled with the rich bone soup and Su Yayans dipping sauce, it had a unique flavor.

“Its delicious.”

After Su Yayan received the affirmation, she happily fed the person, completely ignoring the people around her.


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