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Chapter 285: President Bas Little Wife

It was rare for Huo Chenhuan to be so angry.

The atmosphere instantly turned cold.

In the end, Uncle Zhang broke the silence first.

“According to the news from the ferry, the two of them somehow managed to sneak into the fleet and ran in while they were escorting Mr.

Yu out of the island…”

Su Yayan was surprised.

“What a coincidence!”

“Of course its not a coincidence.

He must have been waiting there since a long time ago.”

Su Yayan nodded in understanding.

“What about Yu Ziyan Did he successfully leave the island Or…”

“After that, Mr.

Yu was sent out of the island to be bandaged, but…”

“But what”

“However, when the two of them rushed in, the scene was rather chaotic.


Yu was injured somewhere, and after he was pushed down… he was injured even more, so he probably had to suffer some physical pain.”

“Pfft…” Uncle Zhang had just finished speaking when Gu Shaoyang and Uncle Zhang laughed unkindly.

Su Yayan was speechless.

She had to admit that she was really pitiful!

After Huo Chenhuan heard the whole story, he looked slightly better.

He held Su Yayans hand and said apologetically, “I didnt arrange it properly.

There wont be a next time.”

“Im fine.” Su Yayan patted Huo Chenhuans hand reassuringly.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and turned to look at Ling Xiaoqi.

“Ive made a fool of myself.”

Ling Xiaoqi chuckled and did not seem to mind.

“Its alright.

Its not something that just anyone can see in the real world.

Its actually quite exciting! Its just that theres too much of a difference in their ranks.

They scare people away with just a few words.

I thought that they would have to cry, throw a tantrum, or even hang themselves.

Now, it seems like Ive overestimated them.”


Zuo Yanbai and the others looked at Ling Xiaoqis shining eyes and her face filled with indescribable regret.

The corners of their mouths twitched slightly.

They secretly sighed in their hearts.

‘A person who can be Young Madams best friend is indeed not an ordinary person.

Her mental fortitude is extraordinary, but the main point is a little off.

Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she wasnt affected.

He turned to Hua Hua and chuckled.

“I didnt expect Hua Hua to stand up for our lad.

It seems like Hua Hua has feelings for our lad.”

Actually, Hua Huas thoughts were not that hard to understand.

The two dogs were childhood sweethearts, and Hua Hua was cold and aloof.

She usually ignored the boy, but she had long treated him like her own dog.

If he really wanted to pursue the matter, it would be some kind ofmy dog can only be bullied by me, and if anyone dares to touch it, Ill beat them to death.

At the thought of this, Su Yayans expression became complicated.

If Hua Hua was President Ba, then what was her family President Bas little wife


Ling Xiaoqi seemed to have noticed something as well.

She reached out and patted Hua Huas head with a disappointed expression.


Hua Hua nestled in Ling Xiaoqis arms and looked straight ahead.

She was like a king who had no feelings for anyone.

She did not even look at her.

Ling Xiaoqi was both angry and amused at the same time.

She even suspected that this ingrate had colluded with Su Yayan to trick her.

Huo Chenhuan listened to their conversation and asked curiously, “What are you talking about”

Su Yayan shared her happiness with Huo Chenhuan without reservation.

“We were talking about Dun Dun and Hua Hua in the backyard just now.

Xiaoqi said that no matter how good our Dun Dun is, we still have to listen to Hua Hua.”


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