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Chapter 297: Complicated Relationship

“Yes, yes, yes.

That little grandson of the Qi family should be called that.”

Su Yayan caught the main point and probed, “You know Ning Qiruis grandfather”

“Old Man Qi and I are in-laws.

His son is my son-in-law.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

She had to give up on this complicated relationship!

It turned out that a few days ago, Ning Siyuan and his brother had failed to completely hide Ning Qiruis illness from him.

As the youngest child of the Ning and Qi families, Ning Qirui had been pampered since he was young.

With this turn of events, the two families sky nearly collapsed.

As the informant, Ning Siyuan nearly ate his fathers stir-fried bamboo shoots.

When the two families got into a mess, Ye Qiliang happened to be a guest at the Qi family and had to ask about his in-laws.

Just like that, he found out about Ning Qirui, and he also found out that someone was treating him using traditional Chinese medicine.

When Ye Qiliang found out that Su Yayan actually knew acupuncture that existed in ancient books, he could no longer sit still.

“I know it was rude of me to come to you all of a sudden, but I was too curious and excited.

I couldnt help but want to see you personally.” Ye Qiliang could not help but stand up again.

He stared at Su Yayan with bright eyes.

“Did you really use acupuncture that was passed down from ancient Earth to treat the old mans grandson”

“Theoretically… yes.”

Ye Qiliang wasnt bothered by Su Yayans words.

He looked at Su Yayan with a burning gaze.

“I heard from that brat from the Ning family that you used acupuncture and a type of herbal incense…”

“Acupuncture is divided into acupuncture techniques and Munjo techniques.

The herbal incense that you mentioned is one of them.”


Su Yayan looked at Ye Qiliangs hesitant expression and took the initiative to ask, “Do you want to see the acupuncture needles and the incense of Ejo”

“Can I”

Su Yayan nodded and took out a set of acupuncture needles.

The moment she opened the door, Su Yayan could hear the sharp intake of breath.

The young man beside Ye Qiliang could not help but complain, “This needle is too long.”

Ye Qiliang was not frightened by these needles.

Instead, his eyes lit up as he asked, “This is the acupuncture needles used for acupuncture This is the first time Ive seen it.

Can I touch it”

The corners of Su Yayans mouth twitched.


I just disinfected this needle before I came.”

“Antiseptic” Ye Qiliangs face was full of eagerness.

“Then can you help me to do it”

Everyone, “…”

Su Yayan was speechless.

This was the first time in her life that she had met a warrior who was so eager to get a jab.

Indeed, a veteran who dedicated his life to art was not someone ordinary people could compare to!

“You can forget about it.

This lady doesnt seem to be feeling well, so we can give her a few needles.”

The girl who was suddenly called out, “…” Its not that I dont have it, I dont want it!

The two outstanding students who came with Ye Qiliang today were a man and a woman.

The womans name was Xu Yanjun, and the man was Peng Jiazhi, who had sent the video to Ye Qiliang to get his attention.

“No need.

Im fine.” Xu Yanjun couldnt help but burp loudly.


Xu Yanjun, “…”

Everyone, “…”


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