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Chapter 318: What He Wanted The Most

Su Yayans eyes lit up and she answered without hesitation.


“Are you alright Im on my way there now.

Shaoyang is closer to you…”

Su Yayan was startled.

“You know about it Its alright, dont worry.

Im fine.

Theyre the ones who are in trouble.

You have no idea how pathetic those two were.


After that, Su Yayan told Huo Chenhuan everything that had happened just now.

From time to time, she would laugh at their misfortune.

Huo Chenhuan listened quietly, his eyes filled with gentleness and indulgence.

“Now that I think about it, its really funny.

I didnt even want to do anything to them, but they were so eager to mess with me.

They thought I didnt know what they were thinking and tried to frame me and you.

Do they really think Im a pushover They can crush me as they desire, but they dont even know how to resist.

Even a clay figurine can be angry!”

Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes dangerously and agreed, “They went too far.”

Su Yayans anger subsided a little because of Huo Chenhuans words, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Forget it, Chenhuan.

When those reporters expose this matter, itll be enough for them to suffer.

Just treat it as the price they paid for tricking our company and our artists.

Theyll help us promote our company for free and help our artists gain some fame.”

Su Yayan smiled like a bear cub that had stolen honey.

She looked sincere yet a little mischievous.

“After today, everyone in the industry will know how good our company is and how outstanding our artists are.”

Su Yayan lifted her chin and glanced at Huo Chenhuan with a smug expression.

However, Huo Chenhuan did not praise her as she had expected.

Instead, he said with some heartache, “If we let the media spread this matter, Im afraid it will implicate your past.”

Su Yayan knew what he was worried about.

She smiled and said, “I know, but I dont mind.

I wont hide it from you.

If you dont want others to know, dont do it.

What has happened cant be hidden forever.

Instead of worrying about those rumors and slanders, why dont I take the initiative to face them and turn them into something useful to me”

“At the end of the day, Im the victim here.

I didnt do anything wrong, so Im not the one who should be worried about being exposed and condemned.”

Su Yayan could guess what negative comments she would have after this was exposed.

At most, it was the so-called “it takes two hands to clap” and the “love theory” of Mary Sue sayings.

Compared to these irrelevant comments, the condemnation Huo Shaofeng and Wen Jingping had to endure was the most fatal.

At least for Wen Jingping, with the title of mistress confirmed, her career as Mary Sue in the entertainment industry would be cut short.

The only thing that worried Su Yayan was that the shameless family might bring up her marriage with Huo Chenhuan and Huo Chenhuans disability.

At the thought of this, Su Yayan said apologetically, “Im sorry.

I might have to drag you down with me.”

“If being scolded and ridiculed is the price I have to pay for marrying you, I hope they will scold me more fiercely.”

In the past, he might have been angry at these so-called verbal attacks.

But now, no amount of vicious mockery could hurt him.

It was because he already had what he wanted the most.


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