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Chapter 348: The Benefactor Behind the Scenes

“Ahem, no matter what, these people have indeed come here.


Su Yayan casually flipped through the documents Xia Junsheng handed over.

“Just because theyve applied here doesnt mean we have to accept them.”

Xia Junsheng was slightly stunned.

“You mean…”

“First, lets verify these peoples character.

We do not want fake people who only put on a show in front of the cameras, but real personalities with good character.

Also, we need to investigate why they left their previous company.”


Other than that, is there anything else you need to pay attention to Like abilities, fame, popularity, and so on.”

Although Xia Junsheng had a rough idea of Su Yayans character after working with her for such a long time, they were still working in an entertainment company, so it was not appropriate for him not to consider it.

Su Yayan pondered for a moment.

“Character first.

I dont want to attract a troublemaker and a sh*t stirrer for the company.”

Just by looking at Huo Shaofeng, one would know that no matter how famous one was, no matter how popular one was, if ones character was bad, they would eventually fail.

By then, it would be good enough if she did not have to wipe their butts after them, much less expect them to churn profits for her.

“Of course, Im not saying that its irrelevant.

If you have a good character, you can prioritize talented and hardworking artists.

Of course, if these artists have their own selling points and popularity, that would be even better.”

After Su Yayan mentioned it, reputation and popularity became the focus of attention.

Xia Junsheng felt that it was unexpected but also reasonable.

He furrowed his eyebrows and did not say anything in the end.

Su Yuxuan had said before that this company was a gift for his sister.

If it earned good money, he would give it to his sister.

If it lost money, he would foot the losses.

“Other than that, we can also change the companys rules.

Those who are capable and reliable can be groomed.

Those who are not talented but are reliable can be transferred backstage behind the scenes.

Teaching them according to their talents might be a little old-fashioned, but it might not be unreasonable.

In my company, everyone will be given opportunities.

It just depends on whether they can grasp them.”

Xia Junshengs expression darkened.

He knew that Su Yayan was referring to the companys internal strife and hidden rules.

“Speaking of this, that person called Ren…”

A cold glint flashed across Xia Junshengs eyes when he heard Su Yayans question.

“Ren Miaoqiong.”

“Oh, right.

Hows Ren Miaoqiongs matter going”

“Shes been frozen, and her manager has already resigned.

The other director…”

“Doesnt want to leave” Su Yayan narrowed her eyes.

Her aura was similar to Huo Chenhuans.

That day, Huo Shaofeng and Wen Jingping came to East City Entertainment to stop her.

The more Su Yayan thought about it, the more she felt something was amiss.

Even though this was the original plot and had happened in her previous life, it was only briefly explained.

She claimed that the two of them had heard from others that one of the investors of the variety show, East City Entertainment, was her private company.

Who was this person She had just taken over East City when the incident happened, so it was not strange for Huo Shaofeng and Huo Mian to hear that East City was her familys business.

Perhaps she knew that the boss of East City had changed hands and leaked the news.

Su Yayan felt that the person who had leaked the news was most likely an insider.

Because of this, Su Yayan got Xia Junsheng to investigate this matter in secret.

In the end, they found out that something was wrong.


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