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Chapter 355: If Its Sour Its a Son, If Its Spicy Its a Daughter

“Its good that you know what youre doing.

Dad and Mom dont expect you to be able to do much or earn much money.

As long as youre safe and living a happy life, thats all that matters.

Dont tire yourself out.

Cant our… two families afford to raise you”

Cheng Xiuqin wanted to sayour family, but when she thought about how Su Yayan had already married out and was now part of the Huo family, she changed it toour two families.

“I know.” Su Yayan noticed the pause and grumbled with a smile.

“He also said that before.

Ive been hearing so much these days.”

When she heard Su Yayan say that Huo Chenhuan was concerned about her health and did not want her to be too tired, Cheng Xiuqins expression became much better.

She snorted and said, “Youre not happy that we care about you.

We just spoil you too much.”

“Alright, alright.

Yanyan specially brought Chenhuan over for a meal.

Well talk about this later.

Lets eat first.” Qin Xueru saw that they were almost done talking and quickly stepped forward to smooth things over.

When Su Yayan saw that she was talking, she rushed over and smiled.

“Aunt, how have you been recently Have you eaten the medicinal cuisine that I asked the restaurant to send you”

The baby in Qin Xuerus stomach was already more than three months old.

It was still not very obvious, but there were clear signs of morning sickness.

Qin Xueru held Su Yayans hand and smiled.

“Yes, yes.

I felt nauseous a few days ago.

It was all thanks to the medicinal cuisine that your medicinal cuisine shop sent over that I managed to eat some.

I feel much better now.”

Qin Xueru pulled Su Yayan to sit at the dining table.


Su and the rest sat down as well.

Cheng Xiuqin went to the small kitchen to urge them to bring up the dishes they had prepared.

Huo Chenhuan smiled when he saw Su Yayan getting along well with her family.

He turned around and sat beside her.

Although Su Yayan wasnt at home, she had sent them a lot of rare ingredients.

Aunt Li had been learning from Su Yayan for some time, and she had even watched Su Yayans livestream a few times.

Although the food was not as good as Su Yayans, it was much better than before.

So much so that now, unless there was really an urgent matter and they had to work overtime, the Su family would go home on time for dinner.

Considering that there were a lot of family members today, Aunt Lis dishes were not only rich in quantity but also in flavor.

However, most of them were pickled vegetables and spicy dishes.

Su Yayan sat beside Qin Xueru and watched as she used her chopsticks to pick up the sour vegetables.

He couldnt help but laugh.

“Everyone says that pregnant women who enjoy sour food are carrying a boy while those who enjoy spicy food are carrying a girl.

Aunts child is most likely a fat boy.”

When Cheng Xiuqin heard her say this, she also laughed.

“I think so too.

Xiao Ru loves to eat sour things recently.

She must be conceiving a fat boy.”

Qin Xueru blushed slightly and smiled, not saying anything.

“Did Aunt and Uncle discuss whether they would like a son or daughter”

Qin Xueru was a little embarrassed as she smiled and said, “Your uncle said that both a son and daughter are good.”

“What about you Would you like a son or daughter”

Qin Xueru was silent for a moment before saying softly, “I also think that a son or daughter is not important.

Both are good.”

For someone who thought that she would never have her own child, having this child was already a blessing.

Why would she care if it was a boy or a girl

At the thought of this, Qin Xueru turned to glance at Su Yayan and smiled faintly.

“But if I really have to say one thing, I wish to have a daughter as obedient and sensible as Yanyan.”


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