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Chapter 360: Hair Growth

Su Yayan was excited during the entire journey and only calmed down after they reached the old residence.

She glanced at Huo Chenhuans rather thick hair and felt that she had to take precautions.

Huo Chenhuan, “”

Therefore, the bald people who had been following the livestream for a long time finally saw the light.

“I went out with my husband today, so I came back a little late.

Lets not waste any more time.

Next, well talk about the medicinal cuisine that were going to make tonight.

Were going to make a few medicinal cuisines for preventing hair loss.

Weve done this before during the livestream, but that time, we only made one Shouwu liver slice.

Many people in the livestream said that even though its effective, its still a little monotonous after eating too much.”

“Furthermore, different circumstances lead to hair loss, and the treatment method is also different.

Eating only the Shouwu liver slice might not be the right treatment.

Su Yayan paused and cleared her throat.

“My husband has been staying up late recently to support his family.

Im also worried about his hairline.

So, today, well do a livestream broadcast to prevent hair loss.

Itll be convenient for me and also satisfy the wishes of the bald people who stay up late.

Its killing two birds with one stone.”

Huo Chenhuan, who had just heard the notification and entered the livestream room, realized that his hairline had been mentioned.


Nearly one-third of the bald people in the livestream, “…”

Row after row of ellipses flashed across the screen, showing everyones speechlessness.

A few seconds later, someone broke the silence and started crying.

[What the f*ck, I knew that the host would be livestreaming, so I ran over as fast as I could, afraid that I would miss the start.

Who would have thought that I would be forced to eat dog food right in front of me What is a human doing]

[The host successfully repressed my emotions, seriously suspecting that the last reason was the main point.

We poor single farmers are just passing by.]

[Thats enough, thats enough.

If it wasnt a side dish, could it have been specially made for you Wake up, the special case of being the hosts favorite is only extended to the hosts husband.

Damn it, I also want such a virtuous wife.

This single dog will shed tears of jealousy!]

[When I saw that the host was going to livestream herbal cuisine to prevent hair loss, this bald mans eyes brimmed with tears, thinking that spring had arrived for the bald mans gang.

However, when I saw the second half of the sentence, I held back my tears.

Wow, after all this time, its not the bald mans spring, its the hosts spring.]

[Is the hosts husband also a farmer The bald people who work overtime until late at night cant afford to get hurt, sob sob sob sob…]

[The hosts husband is working hard to earn money to support his family, while the host is working hard to live out his retirement.

My lemon is crying for someone elses love again.]

Su Yayan ignored the cries of the actors and actresses.

She first took out medicinal herbs such as Gastrodia, Poria, Chuan Qiong, and soaked them in water before breaking the bones of the lamb.

Then, she scooped out the remaining meat.

“Normally, there are two types of hair loss.

The first type is dried hair that falls off in patches, and the second type is greasy hair that comes off.

Other than that, there is also some premature white hair, which is commonly known as white hair.

Actually, it has something to do with the lack of nutrition.

“The first medicinal cuisine that were going to make today is the Black Chicken Soup.

The main ingredients are the Mountain Herb, Rehmannia, Plantago Seed, Poria, and the Black Chicken Legs.

This soup has the effect of stopping hair loss and nourishing the kidneys and blood.

It has a very obvious effect on the first condition that we mentioned earlier.”


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