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Chapter 361: Gastrodia Carp

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yayan explained as she boiled the black chicken leg.

She scooped out some water and placed it into the clay pot.

Then, she added a bunch of herbs.

After boiling it with water, she brought it to a slow boil.

Taking advantage of this time, she grabbed another carp that had already been cleaned.

After cutting the sides of the carp, she stuffed the Poria and Chuan Qiong into the fishs stomach.

“This fish is called the Gastrodia Carp.

The medicinal ingredients need to be soaked in Gastrodia for several hours before it becomes completely soft.

It can only be used after it is cooked, or else there is no way to mix the medicinal properties into the fish.

As Su Yayan spoke, she placed the Gastrodia on the tray and steamed it.

She had only started the livestream on a whim today, so there was no time to gather the ingredients.

Thankfully, she had a choice of dried or fresh ingredients when harvesting the herbs on the farm.

When she took out the Gastrodia, it was already wet and soft, saving her a lot of trouble and preparation time.

After the Gastrodia was cooked, Su Yayan stuffed it into the fish belly and added spring onions and ginger before steaming it on the steam basket.

“The third dish is lamb meat porridge.

The cooking method is relatively simple.

Ive already boiled some mutton and lamb bones.

I just cut them and put them in.

The main point you should take note of is this medicine bag…” Su Yayan took out a small medicine bag and placed it in front of the camera so that the audience could see it.

“This bag contains several ingredients like Rehmannia, Chinese Yam, Cuscuta, walnuts, and so on.

The ingredients are quite complicated, and the quantity is prepared beforehand.

Considering that everyone might not be familiar with these ingredients, it will be quite troublesome for you to concoct them yourself.

Ill have the people at the restaurant help me pack them up.

If you want to bring them back, you can buy them at the restaurant.

Also, after the livestream ends today, there will be a few lucky viewers who will get them from the lucky draw.

When the viewers in the livestream heard that there were more than ten kinds of herbs in the bag, many of them were not from the same city as Su Yayan.

They had wanted to learn from Su Yayan secretly, but they could not help but retreat.

When they heard from Su Yayan that she would make these small bags for sale and would even give them out for a lucky draw, instantly, they felt energized.

[Host please take pity on me and bless me, you must pick me later!]

[Immortal host, as long as I buy this small bag, I can try cooking porridge myself! Ill buy it tomorrow.

Hopefully, it wont be too expensive.]

[The items in the hosts shop are very affordably priced.

The previous poster should not be worried about whether its expensive or not, but whether there will be too many people snatching it tomorrow!]

Su Yayan saw their comments and smiled.

She tossed the bag of medicine into the pot and said, “Dont worry about the pricing.

It will be the same as before, and I will try to make sure that most people can afford it.”

Su Yayan could not guarantee that everyone could afford it, but she could still let most people have a taste of it occasionally.

The essence of the lamb bone had to be stewed for a period of time before it could flow into the soup.

Su Yayan used this time to cook eggs with He Shou Wu, and then she made a dessert—Sesame Seaweed Cake.

“The white sesame contains many nutrients that the human body needs.

It can prevent our hair from turning white and falling off prematurely.”

Su Yayan placed the clean and dry white sesame into the pot and stir-fried it to create a fragrance before grinding it into powder.

She then added some starch powder into the pot and kneaded it into dough before she steamed it.

At this time, the lamb bone soup was almost ready.

She scooped out the small medicine bag and added the washed Japonica rice into the pot.

Then, she stir-fried a large spoonful of seasoning oil and poured it on the already steamed carp..


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