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Chapter 363: Open the Backdoor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Someone, who felt that his hairline was still solid, finished his meal with a subtle expression.

Unbeknownst to Su Yayan, he was extremely resistant to this meal.

But in the eyes of some people, this meal was a supreme honor.

One did not know how great ones fortune was!

That night, Huo Chenhuan called Zuo Yanbai and told him to send a small robot to his home the next morning.

It did not require too many functions as long as it could relieve boredom.

Zuo Yanbai was not stupid.

He guessed that the robot was meant for Young Madam.

At the same time, he deliberated and said, “Young Master, many people in the company watched Young Madams livestream today…”

Huo Chenhuans face darkened as he recalled how Su Yayan had openly said that she was worried about his hairline.

Great, now everyone in his company would think that his hairline was in danger.

Zuo Yanbai had no idea that his young master was paying attention to something else and did not understand his hint at all.

Seeing that he did not say anything, he could only bite the bullet and continue, “Many people in the company have watched the livestream, and they hope that Young Madam can save their poor hair…”

Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes.

“If you want to eat her meals, go to the restaurant.”

The corner of Zuo Yanbais eyes twitched.

“Thats what I told them as well, but they said that Young Madams medicinal cuisine restaurant has been booked until half a year later.

If we really wait until then, almost half of the people in our company will become bald.”

Even though this sounded funny, it was not impossible.

In order to develop a protective robot, they would have to work overtime for the next six months or even a year.

Even though this kind of research and development had a high salary and a high sense of achievement, it was not an exaggeration to say that these achievements were all earned with their thin hair and constantly receding hairline.

If they could choose, who would want to be bald and have a receding hairline!

Huo Chenhuan followed Zuo Yanbais words and tried to connect the dots.

Almost half of the companys employees were like third wheels.


When Zuo Yanbai saw that Huo Chenhuan was silent again, he was also a little troubled.

“I heard that the employees in Young Madams store all have the benefits of free food tasting and medicinal cuisine.

Because of this, the companys people are moved.

Many people already have thoughts of quitting and going to Young Madam to apply for a job.”

Huo Chenhuan, “…” Youre a high-tech intellectual who uses code.

Why would you come to my wifes restaurant to work Are you content being an errand boy

“Although it was just a spur of the moment, it was enough to show how attractive the benefits in the Young Madams shop were and how popular her medicinal cuisine is.”

Zuo Yanbai imitated Yu Ziyans bragging of Su Yayan before saying, “Young Master and Young Madam are a family.

Husband and wife are one.

Moreover, all of our companies are under Young Madams name now.

In fact, they are considered Young Madams companies.”

Huo Chenhuan was speechless.

Although he had planned to give the company to Su Yayan as a betrothal gift from the start, he had never expected that the outstanding backbone he had painstakingly nurtured would be stolen by his wife in the end.

Should he be angry or happy

Zuo Yanbai was used to losing face.

He coughed lightly and said shamelessly, “Ahem… Well, we dont ask for the same benefits as the employees in Young Madams shop.

We just hope that Young Madam can open a back door for our employees for Young Masters sake and let them cut the queue.”

Huo Chenhuan, “…”


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