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When she thought of her little aunts illness, Su Yayans eyes slightly brightened.

It looked like she had to think of something to speed up her pace.

Cheng Xiuqin thought of the situation with her younger brother and sister-in-law and sighed.

“How could it be easy Your uncle and aunt wont be bothered for more than ten years if things are getting better for her.

What your uncle meant was, your aunt is always staying at home.

She gets bored and overthinks a lot.

Why shouldnt she take the opportunity to come along with grandpa, rather than staying at home”

“Its better this way, bringing aunt out for a walk and sightseeing.

Things might be better when shes in a good mood.”

“I hope so.” Cheng Xiuqin nodded and turned to look at Su Yayan.

“I mentioned about your graduation this year with your father.

Do you have any other plans”


“Other plans”

“Yes, would you like to start your internship at the company or rest for some time, take a vacation to travel around, or maybe a honeymoon trip with Huo Chenhuan”

Honeymoon trip There was no doubt that Su Yayan loved the idea when it was suggested, but then she thought of Huo Chenhuans legs…

‘Forget it, Ill work hard to gain Likability first.

Theres no hurry for the honeymoon trip, lets wait for Huo Chenhuan to recover.

Cheng Xiuqin showed an awkward facial expression when she suddenly remembered about that matter as well.

Su Yuxuan took the lead in the conversation to relieve the awkwardness.

“If youre interested in getting into the entertainment world, you can try to work at our entertainment company.

You can even take charge in the future if you like it.”

The Su family owned a few companies, and most of them were managed by Su Yuxuan.

The entertainment company was created because they thought that although it was a small company, the internal development was already matured.

If Su Yayan was going to take over the company, it would be less troubling and tiring for her.

When Su Yayan heard her brother mentioning the entertainment company, there was a change in her facial expression.

If she remembered correctly, this company…

“Brother, is our entertainment company preparing to hold a female talent star type of variety show”

“Seems like it.”

Although the company was under his name, he was managing more than that.

This was a small-scale business meant for Su Yayan to take over.

Normally he would be inquired about the big matters, and the smaller ones would be handled by his trusted followers.

Su Yuxuan had a vague impression of seeing the companys business proposal for the variety show, but he did not engage much.

Su Yayans eyes slightly brightened and she gave a faint smile.

“Is it alright if I pay a visit to the company”

“Of course, I can bring you with me tomorrow.”

“Its alright.

You can ask someone else to bring me there for a look.

Its going to be loud and crowded if youre going there, so whats the fun”

When Su Yuxuan heard that his sister wanted to secretly pay a visit, he did not force the matter.

“Fine, Ill have Ah Sheng send you over.”


“Now that youve decided, just go and take a look.

You can go again if you like it, there are other options for you too.”

Cheng Xiuqin and Su Yuxuan looked at each other and gave a sigh of relief.

In fact, Huo Chenhuan was acting fast.

Last night, he had his people send over the list the betrothal gifts arranged for the day they were getting married.

There was a list of precious jewelry and real estate written on it.

It shocked the Su family—they had a suspicion that Huo Chenhuan took all of his family properties out in order to marry their daughter.

How much the betrothal gifts were worth was a different story.

However, if he was willing to give so much away, they could see how much their daughter meant to him.


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