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Chapter 371: Not Just To Thank Yanyan

In reality, the two of them were thinking too much.

The Ning and Qi families gathered here mainly because they wanted to meet them.

“When we heard Siyuan mention Ruiruis condition, we wanted to see you.

However, Ruiruis illness really left us at a loss, and we were also afraid that it would be too abrupt to visit him.

We happened to hear from Ruirui that he wanted to invite you to our home two days ago, so we wanted to meet you and thank you.”

“Youre too kind.

Qirui is an artist in our company.

Its a good thing that hes doing well.” Su Yayan paused and said awkwardly, “If you dont mind, just call me Yayan.”

Su Yayan felt a little pressured to be treated like her own mother.

“Good, good.” Madam Ning sized Su Yayan up discreetly.

The more she looked at her, the more she liked her.

It was a pity that she was already taken.

Otherwise, regardless of age, appearance, or family background, she was very compatible with Siyuan.

Madam Ning then gave her eldest son a resentful look.

He was already so old, yet he still hadnt found a wife.

Even a good girl had been taken away.

It was really Young Master Ning who got shot even though he was lying down, “…” Mother, dont look at me.

Didnt you see that the person in question was about to stab your son into a sieve

Su Yayan had goosebumps all over her body when Madam Ning looked at her.

She took the initiative to ask, “Qirui is getting better, right He has no other complications”

At the mention of Ning Qirui, everyone turned their attention to Su Yayan.

“Recently, he has been slowly recovering.

He has been eating the food that you sent over, and his condition is indeed improving.”

Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

As long as his condition doesnt worsen and there arent any other complications, he can slowly recuperate for a while.

He will get better with time.

His illness cant be rushed.

He simply has to recuperate for a period of time.”

Hearing her words, Father Ning quickly added, “It doesnt matter how long it takes.

As long as he can recover, its worth it no matter how much time we spend.”

Madam Ning nodded in agreement.

“Thats true.”

At this moment, the old man who had been sitting opposite him suddenly spoke up.

“I heard that you used the acupuncture method to treat Qirui.

This method has been lost for a long time.

I didnt expect it to reappear in the hands of a young person like you.

Truly, the younger generation surpasses the previous.”

Su Yayan was stunned for a moment before she realized that Ye Qiliang had approached her because he had heard from Ning Qiruis grandfather that she had treated Ning Qirui.

Now that this old man was talking about this, it wasnt strange.

“I happened to have some books related to this at home, and I happened to have some interest and talent in this area, so I took advantage of it.”

“You dont have to be humble.

Even though that old man Ye has a bad temper, he has never joked about serious matters.

Hes full of praises for you, so you must have some real talent.

Furthermore, its all thanks to you that Qirui was able to recover.

Weve all seen it and are very grateful to you.”

Su Yayan could only laugh dryly at the old mans praise.

She really wasnt good at dealing with others gratitude.

Huo Chenhuan noticed Su Yayans discomfort and his eyes darkened.

He suddenly interrupted, “You guys have all gathered here today, but I believe that its not just to thank Yanyan, right”


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