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Just from that, he was already so much better than Huo Shaofeng.

Huo Chenhuan showed his sincerity.

The family would not let Su Yayans trousseau be cheap, and they were planning to let Su Yayan choose her own.

Eventually, they would transfer to her the ownership of whichever company she was fond of.

She would then be able to hold her head up when she was facing her in-laws.

“Cough cough cough… cough cough cough…” Looking at his wife and daughter chattering away, Mr.

Su, who had stood there for some time, was trying to involve himself and drew some attention.

Su Yayan heard him coughing and asked in concern.

“Dad, whats wrong”

Cheng Xiuqin saw through her husbands clumsy act.

Even though it was annoying, it was funny.

She said in amusement, “Recently hes complaining about his dry throat and that hes feeling uncomfortable.

Just ignore him.”


Su gave an aggrieved sound to express his dissatisfaction immediately after he heard what his wife said.

It was not hard for Su Yayan to understand what he intended, so she smiled and said, “I reckon that daddys throat could be due to excessive internal heat in the body.

Ill make a sweet stewed snow pear for him, it nourishes the lungs and is cough relieving.

Hell feel better soon.”

“Sweet stewed snow pear” Cheng Xiuqin had no idea what it was.

However, when she heard that she was going to make something for him, it whetted her appetite as well.


Sus eyes brightened up, and a pleased smile curved on the corner of his lips.

Cheng Xiuqin was annoyed.

“What about me Ive been feeling weak lately.”

“Weak” Su Yayan immediately changed the topic to please her parents.

“Then Ill make Chinese wolfberry with Chinese red date tea for you.

Its a good liver tonic, improves your eyesight, and beautifies your skin.

Brother has been sleeping late these days, his eyes should be tired—he can drink some too.”

Su Yuxuan, “…” In the end, he just happened to be there while she was at it.

What heartache!

Women were no match when it came to beauty.

Cheng Xiuqins initially dark expression changed and she forced out a smile.

“Sounds better this way.”

Su Yayan was tired but pleased after putting great effort to appease her competitive family.


Finally having some free time, she received some feedback from the lucky viewers.

[Congratulations, Host.

You have gained Conviction Point 4.

Tests revealed that Hosts Conviction Point has reached five, one main supportive skill unlocked.

Unlock now Yes or No]

“Main supportive skill There are different classes for supportive skills”

[There are only four main supportive skills for Traditional Chinese medicine—Observation, Auscultation and Olfaction, Inquiry, and Palpation.

They are interchangeable skills, the Conviction Points must reach the threshold value to unlock them.]

“Observation, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and palpation” Su Yayan muttered.

“Unlock it, then.”

[Congratulations, Host.

You have unlocked the main supportive skill—Observation.

You are able to use the skill to observe physical health conditions and state of illness.

Chance of misinterpretation is zero point zero, zero, zero…one percent.]


Su Yayan, “…” Even an ellipsis had been used, perhaps the misinterpretation percentage was one in one hundred million!

However, it was undoubtedly a practical skill, which explained why it required five Conviction Points to unlock it.

Su Yayan could not wait to see the effect of the supportive skill.

She went for a walk, and walked in a circle around her house immediately.

She could see that the old gardener who was forty or fifty years old was suffering from slight rheumatism in the leg and cold feet.

The family cook, Aunt Li, was experiencing menopause.

The new maid who just came in had a menstrual disorder.

Something was wrong with the lungs of the old driver who loved to smoke, on top of… cough cough, troubles with s*xual relationships.

On the other hand, the three family members who claimed that they were having a dry throat, sleeping late, and feeling weak…they were all healthy and nothing was wrong.


Su Yayan, “…” That was awkward.


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