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Chapter 385: I Spoil You Too Much

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ling Xiaoqi was stunned by Su Yayan.

“What problem”

“The general manager of this company is the CEOs nephew.

Hes in his early thirties, married, and has two children.

However, his private life is messy.

I heard that his previous assistants left because they couldnt stand his sexual harassment.”

Ling Xiaoqi was shocked.


“Of course its true.

Why would I lie to you”

Although Su Yayan sounded certain, a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

Ling Xiaoqi did not notice this, but Huo Chenhuan, who had been keeping silent beside Su Yayan, noticed it.

He frowned uneasily.

Ling Xiaoqi had always trusted Su Yayan.

Moreover, she had left City A for some time and did not have a family background like Su Yayans, so it was not surprising that she did not know about these rumors.

“Then… Ill quit this job and look for something else.”

Ling Xiaoqis reaction was within Su Yayans expectations.

Due to her mothers matter, she disliked scumbags like him the most.

“Why do you need to look for a job Not long ago, our company kicked a bunch of people out because we are changing blood.

Now, its the right time.

You didnt say you were looking for a job before, so why dont you join my company and become the manager of the external service business”

Ling Xiaoqi was stunned for a moment.

She said in a low voice, “Thats not good.

You just took over the company, and youre already shoving your people into the company…”

“Whats wrong with that” Su Yayan smiled faintly at her friend.

“Do you have some misunderstanding about my position in the company, or do you have some misunderstanding about your abilities Dont you have any confidence in your abilities”

“Of course I have confidence in myself, but…”

Before Ling Xiaoqi could finish her sentence, Su Yayan cut her off.

“Thats fine.

I know your capabilities very well.

Letting you go is our companys loss.

Thats settled then.

Ill get someone to contact you and you can come to work on time next week.”

Then, without giving Ling Xiaoqi a chance to retort, she directly left her house.

Ling Xiaoqi, who was standing at the door with Hua Hua in her arms, was speechless.

After sending Ling Xiaoqi off, Su Yayan turned around and met her dogs sorrowful gaze.

It recalled how Ling Xiaoqi had tried the same trick when she was about to leave just now.

It had tried all sorts of ways to suck up to her and go home with her.

Su Yayan almost laughed out of anger.

“You, ah, you should just give up on running away with others.

Its already good enough that Xiaoqi didnt cut you into pieces when you slept with her baby daughter in front of her.

How could she possibly lure the wolf into her house again”

The more he heard her say, the angrier he got.

He shifted his body and turned around, pointing his butt at her.

“Oh, youre still angry.

Tell me, what did I tell you before I left Dont bully Roly Poly, dont bully Roly Poly.

You two are friends who are going to live together and love each other.

But you, I just left and youre already harassing it.”

“Its my fault for doting on you too much, making you so fearless at home.

Look at you, then look at Roly Poly.

Roly Poly only needs to bask in the sun to eat its fill, and it can even help to clean the house and do housework.

Its obedient, sensible, and capable.

Unlike you, who eats fragrant dog food and calls for people to carry you around like a little emperor, and on top of that, you are still so domineering and willful.”

“!!!” Master, are you hinting that I eat too much Once this little demon enters the house, will I not have a full meal in the future


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