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Chapter 388: Feeling Something

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yayan did not expect Ye Qiliang to think so far ahead with her previous requests.

She sighed to herself.

The old man was experienced and knowledgeable, and his horizons were broader than the young.

Su Yayan had no reason to reject the terms that would be beneficial to her.

She immediately asked Ye Qiliang to confirm the conditions.

Ye Qiliang helped to look after the school.

Luo Weibing also successfully signed a ten-year contract with East City before the end of the month.

The newbies in the company also worked hard to get the resources.

The company gradually got on the right track after the big change.

Everything was going according to her wishes, but what made Su Yayan the happiest was that Huo Chenhuans leg had finally undergone a significant change after more than a month of hard work.

“Can you feel me pinching you like this” Su Yayan pinched his knee.


“What about here” His hand started to move down.


“How about this” Su Yayan suppressed her excitement.

Before Huo Chenhuan could reply, he grabbed her hand.


“If you keep touching me like this, I cant guarantee that nothing will go wrong.”

“What” Su Yayan was stunned for a few seconds before she realized what Huo Chenhuan meant.

She stood up and said with a flushed face, “Im talking about your leg.

Dont change the topic!”

Then, as if afraid that Huo Chenhuan would change the topic, she took a deep breath, and her eyes lit up.

“It feels good when I touch you like this, right”

“Mmm…” Huo Chenhuan looked into Su Yayans bright eyes, and his heart skipped a beat.

The pair of legs under him had lost all feeling after he woke up from the car accident.

They were still there, but they were cold like decorations.

He could not move or jump, let alone stand up.

But now, he could feel the strength of the hand on his leg.

His cold legs seemed to come alive at that moment.

The boiling blood flowed through the invisible blood vessels to every part of his body, warming him up.

“Thats great.

The feeling means that the bloodline is clearing up.

Theyre recovering bit by bit.” Su Yayans eyes were red.

She held Huo Chenhuans hand tightly and said excitedly, “Wait a little longer.

Wait a little longer.

Youll be able to stand up very soon.


“Mm.” Huo Chenhuan held Su Yayans hand and teased her.

“Actually, I think my other illness is recovering well too.

I should be able to fully recover before I stand up.”

Su Yayan was slightly taken aback.

When she realized what Huo Chenhuan was talking about, she subconsciously glanced down…

Su Yayan coughed and retracted his hand.

“Your legs have shrunk after so many years.

Ill get Uncle Zhang to prepare a room for your recovery.”

With that, Su Yayan turned around and ran.

It was as if a terrifying beast was chasing her.

The moment she turned around, Huo Chenhuan could vaguely see the side of her face and the tips of her ears.

Huo Chenhuan watched Su Yayan leave with a smile in his eyes.

However, the smile spread across his face like a gentle breeze.

It was deep and mesmerizing.

Once upon a time, he thought that he would never be able to stand up again, much less have the love of his heart.

Now, not only did he see hopes of standing up, he might even have a child with her in the near future!


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