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Chapter 389: Trouble Brewing in the Restaurant

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Uncle Zhang, who was downstairs, was watching Roly Poly control the two familiar large scissors with great interest.

It was cutting the flowers and plants in the courtyard skillfully.

Hearing Su Yayans request, the old man, who had spent most of his life in the Huo family, was stunned for a moment.

“You mean…”

Su Yayan shushed Uncle Zhang.

“I hope that no one knows about this before the dust settles.

Chenhuan… cannot be disturbed.”

Uncle Zhang immediately understood what Su Yayan was implying and confirmed his thoughts.

His eyes reddened and he started trembling uncontrollably.

He knew that his Young Madam had been secretly treating his Young Masters leg recently.

Every morning, he would wake up early and personally go to their room to pack up the herbs and remove them.

These were all used for bathing or soaking their feet the previous night.

Before this, Uncle Zhang was doubtful of Su Yayans actions, or rather, he was not optimistic.

However, since the young master was willing to cooperate with the young madam, he could not say anything about it.

He only treated it as a romantic interest between a couple.


“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill do it right now, quietly.”

Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw how cooperative he was.

Although most of the servants in the house were old people who had stayed for several years, most of them were not particularly close to Huo Chenhuan.

Only the old butler had watched Huo Chenhuan grow up, and Su Yayan only trusted him.

The improvement in Huo Chenhuans leg made Su Yayan very happy for the next few days.

However, this kind of good mood did not last long before it was broken by a troubling matter.

“Someone is causing trouble at the restaurant” Su Yayan, who was sitting in the General Managers office in East City, was handling some documents.

When she received Li Jingwens call, her expression changed.

“What happened”

“The thing is, at lunch, a middle-aged man suddenly barged into our shop with an old mans death certificate.

He said that our familys old lady died from eating her medicinal cuisine, and he wanted us to compensate him.

This happened a few times before, so no one paid much attention to it at first.

They just wanted to find out what he was doing.”

“Wait, how many times have we met before”

Only then did Li Jingwen realize that he had let slip and could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

“Tell me everything that happened.”


It turned out that a few days ago, there were already people coming to cause trouble.

At first, a middle-aged woman came to their door and said that she had eaten lunch at their restaurant.

In the afternoon, her stomach started to hurt, and she started to rain curses on them.

She said that their food was not hygienic, and that they were black-hearted merchants who killed for money.

Li Jingwen and the others were so angry that they immediately requested for the middle-aged woman to come to the store to purchase receipts or identification documents.

The middle-aged woman refused to cooperate.

She insisted that they did not want to compensate her and purposely made things difficult for her.

Li Jingwen and the others immediately called the police.

With the help of the police, they obtained the middle-aged womans identification.

They found out that she had never been in their shop.

The middle-aged woman still wanted to argue, but there were so many pairs of eyes in the store.

In the end, she was detained by the police.

Li Jingwen and the others originally thought that this matter would end here.

Unexpectedly, about three days later, a customer who came to the restaurant to spend suddenly complained that his stomach hurt after dinner..

He questioned whether their food was unclean and even found a cockroach in their food.


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