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Chapter 393: Reinforcements

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Cough…” The lead inspector, who was also a member of the team whose stomach was growling, cleared his throat and tried to regain his dignity.” These are the medicinal cuisines in your shop “

“Yes.” Li Jingwen immediately went up to introduce to them.

“This is the Black Chicken Soup that prevents hair loss, sesame seaweed cake that can effectively treat premature white hair.

This is the Motherwort Egg Soup that can treat a womans menstrual cramps, the Seahorse Backbone Soup that heals premature ejaculation, and abalone ginseng soup that can increase fertility…”

The group listened to Li Jingwens introduction one after another, and they almost thought that they had accidentally stumbled into some marketing organization.

Another treatment for hair loss, menstrual pain, another treatment for premature ejaculation, and more fertility treatments.

No matter how you looked at it, it sounded unreliable.

No wonder someone reported them.

If it were them, their first reaction would be to think that these people were liars!

Li Jingwen spoke for a long time and subconsciously looked back at his audience.

He asked doubtfully, “Arent you guys going to memorize it”

“Im taking notes.” He wanted to see if these things really had such an effect!

Thus, the few of them were divided into two categories.

One was responsible for taking samples, while the other was responsible for recording Li Jingwens introductions.

When this group of people finished taking samples, Ye Qiliangs people finally arrived.

“Minister” The people in charge of sampling jumped when they saw the man.

The moment he spoke, Li Jingwen and the others present could not help but be taken aback.

They looked at the person who had just arrived in surprise.

It was a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties.

He had a squarish face, and it gave him a fierce look.

After getting used to it, it made him look even more intimidating.

Su Yayan, who had witnessed everything through the camera hidden in Li Jingwens pocket, was shocked as well.

She had not expected the so-called student friend Ye Qiliang was talking about to be the head of the inspection department!

With such a person around, these people would have to work hard.

Who would dare mess around

“You guys…” Qin Yang looked at them curiously.” Why are you here “

Zuo Yanbais eyes flickered when he heard this.

He immediately understood that these people were indeed members of the health and safety department.

The few of them looked at each other.

“We received a report to check the health and safety of this place.”

Qin Yang furrowed his brows and didnt say anything.

It was Zuo Yanbai who spoke up at the right time, “The medicinal cuisine in our shop has indeed added some Chinese medicine ingredients.

However, not only are these ingredients harmless to the human body, but they can also help our customers nurse their bodies back to health.

I hope everyone can prove the truth after the test and prove our innocence.”

In fact, Zuo Yanbais words had already expressed the attitude of their restaurant.

They did not seek to be biased, but they wanted to be honest.

They had never done anything to harm their customers for their own benefit.

The serious expression on Qin Yangs face eased up a little.

He nodded and promised, “Of course.

If there are no problems with the tests, we will definitely help you to clear your name.”

“Thank you, everyone.”

Qin Yang came and went in a hurry.

He left with the few inspectors.

The people in the shop watched them leave.

They sighed in relief and disappointment.

For no reason, their restaurant had been blacklisted and forced to close down.

They had almost finished their lunch, so it would be a waste.

Zuo Yanbai had obviously thought of this as well, but his eyes lit up as he stared at the row of nourishing soups that were said to be able to prevent hair loss!


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