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In the story, the poor girl was able to overcome obstacles easily as if she had some sort of cheat code.

Through a series of infallible backup plans and under the protection of her plot armor, she was able to successfully carve a career in the entertainment industry, and even got the male main characters parents to accept her before finally getting married in the end.

However, that was not what was important.

The point was that the name of the malicious female supporting character— who stirred up trouble and died tragically at the end of the story—had a name which was… exactly the same as hers!

Su Yayans face turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

“So are you telling me that the world Im living in now is just a novel, and that my family and I are just characters in a book And Im supposed to be the notorious malicious female supporting character that everyone hates”



“And the male and female main character of this book is my r*tarded fiance and his mistress”

[Yes, they are the main characters of the world.]

Su Yayans eyes turned cold as she sneered.

“Heh… If theyre the main characters of the world, then why were they killed so easily by Huo Chenhuan in my previous life”


In her previous life, Su Yayan did not immediately reincarnate after her death.

Instead, she stayed by Huo Chenhuans side, following him as he drove everyone who harmed her and her family to their deaths, watching him every step of the way.


His first targets were Huo Shaofeng and his woman.

Although the pair repeatedly wriggled out of his numerous revenge plots, in the end, they inevitably fell into an elaborate trap which was carefully laid out by Huo Chenhuan.

Finally, they died a graveless death.

The System… almost cried.

Why did the other systems all get soft-natured and cute hosts but it alone had the misfortune of being stuck with this troublesome girl

“Tell me the truth!”

[Huo Shaofeng and Wen Jingping are indeed the male and female main characters of this world, and they are the worlds consciousness.

Save for the fated villains, anyone else who meets them would feel inclined to like them and help them.

Thats their legendary plot armor.]


Su Yayans eyes lowered slightly and a trace of coldness flashed across them.

It made sense… It was no wonder that those two people who behaved seemingly normal in her previous life, who were obviously mediocre and unambitious, were somehow surrounded by many powerful people.

Even Su Yayans old family friends who had a good relationship with her family seemed to act like they were under a spell, inexplicably breaking ties with her family one day and followed those two to the ends of the earth.


It turned out that the reason for all that was the so-called plot armor!

[Anyone gifted with plot armor will enjoy a smooth sailing life and be successful until the end of their life.

Youve read the story just now.

According to the original timeline, you were the stumbling block of their relationship, but after you died, the two of them should have received the male main characters parents approval, get married, and lived happily ever after.]

[But after you died, the expendable youngest uncle of the Huo family, who was supposed to die, worked against the natural law and order.

He killed the male and female main characters, causing the whole world to collapse.

That is why you are given this chance to start over.]


When Su Yayan heard that, she inexplicably shuddered.

If the system did not lie and those two were really the main characters of their world, did that mean Huo Chenhuan had made an enemy out of the entire world for her sake, and eventually… won


Su Yayan felt her heart thump loudly as the smile on her lips widened unconsciously.

Her body was filled with a sense of pride.

‘My man is awesome! Hes the best in the world!


System, who accidentally overheard Su Yayans thoughts, “…”

Soon, her face turned gloomy again.

She narrowed her eyes and said, “So are you telling me that those two are the main characters and cant die And that once they die, our world will collapse We have to bear their oppression and exploitation without fighting back, or well all just die together”



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