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Su Yayan could not hold back her emotions.

She took a deep breath and said, “Rest early, Im going to prepare some stuff to bring to the company tomorrow.”

When Su Yayan was hanging up the video call, she was surprised to hear Huo Chenhuan shout suddenly.


“What is it” Su Yayan was startled.

A familiar silhouette appeared in front of the camera right after that.

Dun Dun was running in circles around his daddys wheelchair and playing with his toy ball happily, when its fate was suddenly in the arms that grabbed and lifted it.

The dog stared blankly at its master who was looking at the screen of the phone.

The little corgis eyes slightly brightened and he was about to say hello to his master when he was turned upside down, buttocks facing up.

Little corgi, “”

Su Yayan looked at the familiar heart-shaped doggie butt on the screen, was startled for a few seconds, and realized what Huo Chenhuan meant.

She chuckled.

Using the dog to cover up his face, Huo Chenhuan heard Su Yayans laughter from behind the screen.

His face grew red, feeling glad that he thought about using the dog as a shield.

Su Yayan laughed for a while, then stopped and replied with a smile.

“I got it.”

Her hands crossed over on her chest and made a heart shape, “Love you~”

It was a simple action but in Huo Chenhuans eyes, it was as beautiful as if he was witnessing a dream.

Zuo Yanbai brought the documents to the old mansion in a hurry.

When he got there, he saw his Young Master was teasing a round fluffy round-shaped, short-legged corgi with a toy stick.

The corgi was born with short legs; it tried to reach the toy stick a few times but failed.

Patience was the key to success, however, and with a leap with its back legs, the corgis two front paws grabbed onto Huo Chenhuans arm.

With its mouth open, it bit the toy stick, snatching it from Huo Chenhuan before dropping it on the floor.

The chubby little butt sat down so that the toy stick would be right below its butt.

After all of this, it seemed like the little kid was still angry.

It sat on the floor, moving away a little further each time, turning around and facing half of its butt toward Huo Chenhuan.

Zuo Yanbai, “…” Is this dog acting like a human

Although there was no expression on Huo Chenhuans face, there was a trace of a gentle smile in his deep cold eyes that no one had seen before.

Zuo Yanbai was feeling suspicious and was eager to know the reason, so he took a step and walked toward Huo Chenhuan.

When Huo Chenhuan saw him coming, the smile in his eyes was instantly hidden, and he spoke coldly, “Whats the matter”

“We found out something new regarding the matter youve assigned.

The developing zone near the suburbs is somehow related to Huo Shaofeng.

But he could not possibly do that with his capability, and the mastermind behind him…”

Huo Chenhuans eyes turned slightly cold.

“Huo Qihan is getting restless these days.”


Hes just a…” Zuo Yanbais voice was filled with disdain, but he stopped at once and did not say anything more.

“Keep an eye on him, and keep a low profile.”


Huo Chenhuan lowered his head, took a glance at Dun Dun who was still in a tantrum, and asked, “Have the betrothal gifts been sent over to Yanyans family already”

“Some of the bigger family properties have already been listed down and sent over to them.

As for the smaller ones, were still gathering them.”

Huo Chenhuan offered most of his personal assets as betrothal gifts, to which Zuo Yanbai and the others felt rather disapproving.

However, those things belonged to Huo Chenhuan—he could make arrangements however he wished and they could not say much about it.


Huo Chenhuan thought deeply for a moment and said suddenly, “Preserve the livestream platform that is under Ziyans name.”


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