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Chapter 403: Fearful Thoughts

The last piece of news left everyones hearts in turmoil.

They scratched their heads and wished they could cross the screen to grab Su Yayans shoulders and shake her.

They wanted to ask her if they were right.

Was the truth what they thought

It was too painful to see one side of the story without getting the full picture!

[What the heck, is this man still human Hes a f*cking unfilial son! Isnt he afraid of retribution for testing medicine with his own mother]

[Although its quite pitiful to have inherited the disease, theres really no way to wash it off when it comes to testing the poison.

Thats your biological mother.

If you give her the medicinal cuisine twice but still cant save her, you can still say that youre filial.

But if you dont give her the first time, then its undoubtedly testing the poison.

The most disgusting thing is that the restaurant saved you.

Not only are you not grateful, but youre also trying to extort them.

Your conscience must have been fed to the dogs!]

“The commenter at the top, I seriously suspect that this man gave his mother herbal soups to test poison.

Other than that, I have a scary speculation.

This man might have already lost his patience with his old mother who needs his support.

Initially, he saw that she was about to die, so he used her to test his poison.

However, when he realized that it was really useful, he probably regretted it.

The second time he received the herbal soups, he quickly ate them himself and left this big trouble to fend for herself.

[What the f*ck, after hearing what the person above said, I also feel that… its really scary!]

It had to be said that the netizens brains were quite big, but it was precisely because they were big that they could accidentally touch a corner of the truth.

This unfilial son, who had been criticized by countless people at the center of the topic, was constantly paying attention to the trend online because the latter half of a certain someones promise was not yet in place.

The moment he saw Su Yayans two posts, he had a premonition that something bad was about to happen.

As expected, the man almost fainted when he saw Su Yayans third story.

On the one hand, he was extremely afraid, but on the other hand, he could not stop complaining about the hospital that had treated his mother.

Didnt the internet say that the hospital had to keep the patients condition a secret and not reveal it to others

Why did this hospital reveal his mothers condition in such detail Damn it! If he wanted to sue them, he had to sue them until they went bankrupt!

The man thought hard, but he forgot that even though the hospital had the responsibility to keep the patients identity a secret, they had the responsibility to cooperate with the police to investigate the case.

You created such a big mess yourself, and you expect them to keep it a secret Who gave you the confidence

The man looked at the various speculations online about his mothers death, as well as the curses directed at him, theunfilial son, and his mood worsened.

Some people were like that.

When they did it, they would take it for granted and not think that they had done anything wrong, but they knew deep down that doing so would bring about a bad reputation.

When this bad name was confirmed, he could not stop himself from getting angry and finding excuses for himself.

The old woman was about to die, so what was wrong with helping him before she died He was her son, so shouldnt she help him

On the other hand, these people who scolded him had nothing to do with him or his mother.

What right did they have to scold him There was no need for these outsiders to criticize their family matters!

The man was filled with dissatisfaction and anger, but in reality, it was to hide the fear and unease in his heart.

He did not dare imagine what the neighbors would think of him if they found out about this..

How would he survive in the future


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