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Chapter 412: The Holographic Game Endorsement

Not long after the malicious business competition, the restaurant opened again.

Some of the patients family members even came to the door personally.

They tried to get information out of the staff, hoping to find the mysterious manager.

The matter in the restaurant had been settled, but there were still many things waiting for Su Yayan to settle in East City.

Luo Weibing held on until the last day of the contract with the original agency.

Under the angry gaze of his manager, he terminated the contract with his original agency.

“When I left, Chang Pus expression was very ugly.

He looked like he was going to skin me alive.

I was worried that he would cause trouble in the next few days.”

Luo Weibing had mixed feelings about her manager.

When he was at his most difficult time, it was this man who had discovered him and brought him into this strange circle, giving him food to eat.

But at the same time, it was this man who had almost pushed him to the point of no return.

He owed him a favor, but he knew that he had been obediently working under him all these years.

The benefits he had brought him were enough to repay the kindness he had shown him.

“Its fine.

If he dares to touch you, our East City is not to be trifled with.”

Su Yayan did not have a good impression of Luo Weibings previous management company, especially his previous manager.

It was fine if they were living peacefully, but if they really dared to provoke the people from East City, her surname would not be Su if she did not take a bite out of them.

“How is Qiqi these few days”

Luo Weibings sisters full name was Xue Siqi.

Su Yayan had started treating her a week ago.

Since her condition was already quite serious, it could be considered an emergency.

She needed to drink some medicine first and then take her medicine to recuperate.

Simple Chinese medicine was different from medicinal cuisine.

It was bitter and had a fishy taste.

Even adults might not be willing to drink it, let alone children.

However, the girl was surprisingly obedient.

She did not cry even once when she was poked or asked to drink the medicine, and she even comforted her brother.

The girl who pricked her and made her drink bitter medicine was also very kind to her.

She would call her Sister Yayan softly and thank her.

She was so understanding that it made ones heart ache.

Who wouldnt like a cute and obedient girl Su Yayan was no exception.

They had only met a few times, but she had already fallen for this little girl.

At the mention of his younger sister, Luo Weibings expression softened.

He smiled faintly and said, “Shes much better.

Shes been in much better spirits these past few days.

Its not like last time when she was constantly short of breath.

When I went to visit her yesterday, her complexion was much better.

She can eat by herself now.”

“Thats good, but you still have to take the medicine for a period of time.

Children have a weak constitution, so they need more nourishment.”

Luo Weibing nodded quickly.

“I will keep an eye on her.”

Su Yayan knew that Luo Weibing cared about his younger sister more than anyone else, so she did not say anything else.

She pushed a document in front of him.

“This is…”

“The company accepted a new advertisement for you.”

“Its a game” Luo Weibing glanced at Party A in surprise.

Although there was no shortage of artists in the industry who endorsed games, compared to this, most artists clearly preferred endorsements for electronic products or luxury jewelry products.

When Luo Weibing saw this endorsement contract, his first reaction was that the big boss had signed him into the company and started acting up

But in the next second, Su Yayans words had completely blown his guess away.

“Yes, its an endorsement for a game..

The spokesperson for the first holographic game in history should be worthy of your current status, right”


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