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Chapter 413: Double Advertisement

“Holographic… game” Luo Weibings eyes narrowed.

He was stunned by this explosive news.

Su Yayan assumed that he didnt play games, so she explained, “To put it simply, you only need a gaming capsule or a gaming helmet to make you feel like a real gaming character.

Other than not being injured or dying, its like trying out a second life thats completely different from reality.”

Luo Weibing was stunned and quickly said, “I know what holographic games are, I just…”

“Im just surprised that something that only existed in peoples imagination could become reality”

“…A little.”

“Then this advertisement…”

“Im willing to take it.”

Su Yayan wasnt surprised by this answer.

“Thats good.

Ill let you know that you have a partner for this advertisement.”

“Partner Who”

“Xue Caiwei.”

Luo Weibing was stunned.

When he realized what was happening, he felt a little guilty.

A few minutes ago, he had suspected that the other party had revealed her identity as a capitalist after signing himself into the company.

For the sake of money, they had started to profit off him.

In the end, not only did she not do that, she even gave him a good resource.

She even lent him her pillar of support, the movie queen, to help him start the first battle after his transfer from his previous company.

At the end of the day, he was judging a gentlemans heart with his own.

“Xue Caiwei has accepted the job.

Considering that Im not sure if the two of you have had any conflicts before, I came to confirm it with you.

Will you accept taking this job and partnering with her”

Su Yayan did not have the habit of forcing others.

She would give such a good resource to anyone.

If the two of them could not get along, and many issues happened during the shoot, as the boss, wouldnt it be difficult for her

“Yes.” With such a considerate boss, Luo Weibin finally settled down.

He nodded and said, “Ive worked with her before, but we havent interacted much, and we dont have any conflicts.”

“Then its settled.” Su Yayan seemed to have thought of something.

“Also, the company is preparing to invest in a Xianxia (Chinese mythology) movie.

Well use the background story of this holographic game as the blueprint.

When the time comes, well just let the two of you act.

Do you have any intentions”

It was just an advertisement, and yet a movie was already in the pipeline.

This new boss of his was indeed swift and decisive.

If it were any other normal person, they would definitely be grateful for the resources given to them right after changing companies to express their loyalty to their boss, much less reject them.

However, Luo Weibing was not sure what movie it was and whether the script was good, so he did not dare to agree to it.

Furthermore, he was still worried about his sister.

Su Yayan noticed his hesitation and consoled him.

“Its alright.

This is just a proposal.

The script has yet to be completed.

You can decide after the script is out.”

East City had a few IP plans recently, and this holographic game background adaptation was only one of them.

If Luo Weibing was really not willing to accept this script, it would be the same even if she were to change the script.

She was a wise and democratic boss.

Previously, when the keyboard warriors slandered the restaurant, other than Huo Chenhuans technical staff, a large portion of the audience was in her livestream, and most of them were girls.

Because of this, Su Yayan decided to do a livestream broadcast to thank the audience for their warm support..


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