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Chapter 420: Lan Familys Birthday Banquet

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“In that case, we really should go and celebrate his birthday.” Su Yayan seemed to have thought of something.

“The gift…”

Uncle Zhang smiled.

“Dont worry, Young Madam.

Young Master has already prepared the gift.”

“Thats good.” Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then Ill come back early tomorrow and celebrate Old Master Lans birthday with you.”

Huo Chenhuan looked at their interlocked hands and smiled.

He replied softly, “Yes.”

The next afternoon, Su Yayan got off work an hour earlier.

She went home to accompany Huo Chenhuan to pick out the clothes he wanted to wear that night.

In the end, she chose a sapphire blue suit for him and a dress of the same color for herself.

It looked like a couples outfit.

Uncle Zhang nodded when he saw Huo Chenhuans clothes.

His young master was only 26 this year, and he was still young.

He looked energetic in bright-colored clothes!

Wearing those black formal wear all day long, he looked like an old man, wasting his young masters face that had once been trampled by countless girls.

The two of them happily went to the Lan familys small villa in the suburbs in their specially chosen couple outfits.

By the time they arrived, there were already many people inside.

Su Yayan had just pushed Huo Chenhuan into the room when many people stopped talking and turned to look at them.

Su Yayan frowned.

She was worried that Huo Chenhuan wouldnt be able to get used to their attention, so she heard Huo Chenhuan say gently, “Uncle Lan and Aunt Ye are there.

Lets go greet them.”

Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that he did not show any signs of discomfort.

She pushed him towards the direction he pointed.

Old Master Lan was seventy years old this year.

Even though his hair was a little white, he was in good spirits and his body was strong.

When he saw Huo Chenhuan, his eyes lit up and he said with a smile, “Huo Chenhuan is here.”

The old man was from the same generation as Huo Chenhuans father, so it was reasonable for him to address Huo Chenhuan by name.

However, from the way he addressed Huo Chenhuan, one could tell that he liked Huo Chenhuan.

What was even rarer was that Huo Chenhuan was willing to acknowledge him.

“Its Uncle Lans birthday today.

As a junior, it would be rude of me not to come over and say something nice.”

Old Master Lan smiled, but there were tears in his eyes.

“If I had known earlier, I would have called you out for my birthday celebration.

My birthday celebration should have started a few years ago.”

Everyone present understood that he was just teasing them.

If it were Huo Chenhuan from a few years ago, even if he was celebrating his birthday, Huo Chenhuan might have given him a gift, but he might not have come personally.

The real reason for his change was obviously…

Old Madam Lan patted her husbands hand and turned to Su Yayan.

“This must be Miss Su.”

Su Yayan was suddenly called.

She hurried to Huo Chenhuans side and politely greeted, “Hello, Old Madam.”

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“My wife and Chenhuans father were good friends.

If you dont mind, you can call me Auntie Ye.”

Huo Chenhuan was his fathers oldest son.

In fact, he was one generation older than his peers.

If Su Yayan were to address him as such, he would definitely be inferior.

Then, she called out, “Auntie Ye.”

Old Madam Lan happily agreed.

“When you two got married, the two of us are old and couldnt personally go over to take a look.

Its a pity.

However, we all believe in Chenhuans judgment.

We know that youre definitely a good child..”


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