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Chapter 422: Must You Speak

After the ruckus caused by Old Madam Lan, the atmosphere between the few of them returned to their initial harmony.

When the others saw this, they were not as happy as Su Yayan and the rest.

“Whats going on with Old Master Lan We came to wish him a happy birthday out of goodwill, but he ignored us.

Hes so passionate about Huo Chenhuan and that little b*tch.”

Huo Qihans face turned as black as the bottom of a pot as he listened to his wifes complaints.

“Chenhuan is a member of the Huo family after all.

His father was so close to Old Master Lan when he was alive, and now Chenhuan is in such a state, its only natural that he would show more concern for him.

Why are you shouting so loudly If people hear you, theyll think that we cant tolerate him.”

Madam Huo choked, but she still felt a little uncomfortable.

“Hes a member of the Huo family, but arent you Touch your conscience and tell me, did they treat us the same way they treat those two people”

After being choked by his wife, Huo Qihans expression turned uglier.

However, Mrs.

Huo wasnt in the mood to care about his feelings.

When they came to the Lan residence previously, they had never met Huo Chenhuan.

Naturally, they did not know that the Lan familys attitude towards them was so different from when they faced Huo Chenhuan.

Now that he knew, they would definitely feel uncomfortable.

In addition, too many things had happened at home in the past two months.

Both of their moods were on the verge of exploding.

Madam Huo looked at the various people coming and going at the banquet and felt that everyone was looking at them strangely.

Pulling on Huo Qihans sleeve, she said suspiciously, “Do you think… they already know that Shaofeng was chased out of the Huo Corporation, so… thats why theyre kicking us while were down and purposely giving us the cold shoulder Have these arrogant people forgotten how they shamelessly begged you to cooperate with them”

“Thats enough!” Huo Qihan finally could not help but shout.

During this period of time, what he hated the most was Huo Shaofeng being kicked out of his company.

He was the real boss of the company, but his only son was targeted by the board of directors and kicked out of the company.

This was a great humiliation to him.

Who outside did not say that he had not taught his son well

It was one thing for his son to have a messy private life, but he did not have any ability at all.

He had only been in the company for less than half a year, but he had already been dismissed by his own board of directors.

What a joke.

At the thought of this, Huo Qihan wished that he did not have such a son.

He was also unhappy with his wife.

If she had not spoiled him since he was young, would his son have been so useless He even suspected that this womans genes had dragged him down, causing him to have such a stupid son!

“Will you become mute if you dont speak”

“I…” Madam Huos anger instantly weakened.

Huo Qihan glared at her.

Suppressing his anger, he asked, “Wheres Shaofeng Where did he go”

“He said he wasnt feeling well, so he went out for a breather.”

“Take a breather” Huo Qihans face darkened.

“Why is he running around in someone elses house Dont tell me he went to look for that woman again”

Madam Huos expression changed.

“No… no way.”

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“Who knows Its not the first or second time that he has messed up a good thing.

Hurry up and go find him.

If you find out that hes in contact with that woman again, get him as far away from me as possible..

I dont want to have a son like him!”


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