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Chapter 423: Young Master Lan

Madam Huo opened her mouth but did not say anything.

If it were someone else, she might be able to defend Huo Shaofeng and argue with that woman…

Let alone Huo Qihan, even she as his mother had suspected that the woman had poisoned her son.

He had already suffered so much under her hands, and she and her husband had already threatened him.

If he continued to contact that woman, he would sever all ties with her, but he still did whatever he wanted.

Was it really because she had spoiled him so much that he was fearless, or was it because he was confident that they only had one son and could not do anything to him

Madam Huo was filled with anger, but she couldnt really admit that her son was stupid, so she pushed all her anger onto Wen Jingping.

Madam Huo originally did not have a good impression of Wen Jingping, the female lead from a poor family.

She felt that she was not worthy of her son.

Now that he had been dragged down by Wen Jingping several times, and even her sons supposed heir position had been revoked, Madam Huo felt more and more like this woman was a jinx, and it would be impossible for her to accept such a daughter-in-law.

Huo Chenhuan and his wife were so upset that they were about to die of anger.

On the other hand, Huo Chenhuan and his wife were enjoying the best treatment from the Lan family.

Unfortunately, although Old Master Lan and Old Madam Lan liked Huo Chenhuan, they were too old and tired.

After exchanging a few more words with the two of them, she got her son and daughter-in-law to talk to them.

Most of the topics that men could talk about were related to business.

Old Madam Lan was worried that Su Yayan would be bored listening to them, so she asked her eldest daughter-in-law to bring Su Yayan to eat.

Today, the person in charge of the banquet was the personal chef of the Lan family.

This chef was quite famous outside, and some people at the banquet really came because of his reputation.

Therefore, it was not considered rude for the two of them to hide and eat.

Su Yayan tried some of their desserts.

She had to admit that this chef was quite capable.

The dishes he made were much better than the ones outside.

“Does it still taste good” Old Madam Lans eldest daughter-in-law, Yan Xiaoran, asked with a smile when she saw Su Yayan stop eating after one bite.

Su Yayan snapped out of her daze.

“Its quite delicious.”

“Grandma doesnt have a good appetite once its hot.

If the food at home isnt good, she wont be able to eat it.”

Su Yayan instantly understood.

No wonder the Lan familys chef was so good.

If he wasnt so good, he might not have been able to enter their door and get the job.

“These men wont stop once they get down to business.

We wont be able to join them, so we might as well come and eat something first.

You and Chenhuan didnt eat anything before coming, right”

“I came in a hurry.

I ate some pastries I made this morning, so Im not that hungry.”

“You know how to make pastries too” Yan Xiaoran was surprised.

“I learned one or two things from the chefs at home.

The taste is not as good as yours.”

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Yan Xiaoran was quite confident in her own chefs culinary skills, but she was surprised.

“Your chef doesnt hide anything.”

Su Yayan smiled and remained silent.

At that moment, a familiar figure walked in and attracted Yan Xiaorans attention.

“Little Ye, come here.” Yan Xiaoran waved at the young man nearby and called him over.

Su Yayan followed the voice and saw the person approaching.

Her eyes widened in surprise..

It was him!


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