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Chapter 434: Do You Have A Problem

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Chenhuan was caught off guard by this unfounded accusation and was stunned for a few seconds.

He quickly expressed his loyalty and said, “Thats absolute nonsense.

Other than you, Ive never been engaged to anyone else, nor have I ever liked another woman.

Dont listen to their nonsense.”



“Then is it true that many girls liked you before”

Huo Chenhuan choked.

Su Yayan knew from his reaction that it was real.

She was both jealous and angry.

At first, Huo Chenhuan was a little flustered.

However, after he calmed down, he realized that something was wrong.

Su Yayans reaction was jealousy, but it seemed like she was really angry.

“Did they say that after I became disabled, no girls would want to get close to me anymore”

Su Yayan stiffened and remained silent.

Huo Chenhuan knew the answer from her reaction.

He heaved a sigh of relief and straightened Su Yayans body.

“Youre angry because of this, right”

Su Yayan pressed her lips and remained silent.

Seeing her like this, Huo Chenhuan suddenly recalled what he had heard from Yu Ziyan previously.

The person in front of him had sent Huo Shaofeng to the hospital after he mocked him for being disabled.

Her heart softened like cotton, and he felt like there was a pit in it.

“Isnt that great I didnt like them to begin with, and I only felt annoyed when they kept coming to me.

If they didnt come to pursue me, I would have enjoyed the peace.”

What Huo Chenhuan did not mention was that when he was crippled, there were still women who wanted to pursue him.

In the end, he gave up because he knew that his father did not hand the Huo Corporation over to him, but Huo Qihan.

However, Huo Chenhuan didnt really care about that.

He only cared about Su Yayan.

In the past, he hated the fact that his legs were disabled because he felt that he was incomplete and unworthy of Su Yayan.

Even so, Su Yayan came to him without hesitation and entered his life.

Compared to this, nothing else mattered.

“Furthermore, Im slowly recovering.

Soon, I wont be a cripple anymore.”

Su Yayan heard the first half of Huo Chenhuans sentence, but her expression changed when she heard the second half.

She covered Huo Chenhuans mouth.

“Dont say it!”

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“Dont say that word!”

“Okay, I wont.” Huo Chenhuan pulled Su Yayans hand away and smiled.

“Who told you all this Did you quarrel with them Did you lose out”

Su Yayan hesitated for a moment before answering truthfully, “I didnt lose the argument.

They didnt even know who I was from the start.”

“They didnt know who you are”


At first, they were talking about Huo Qihans family, but then they suddenly started talking about you.

One of the women said that you and her niece almost tied the knot.

There was a woman next to her who didnt get along well with her.

She mocked her niece for trying to pursue you, but you rejected her.

Later, when something happened to you, she ran away faster than anyone else.

When the woman heard that, she got angry and started to talk about you…”

Huo Chenhuan laughed when he heard the whole story.

“I knew she was the one pursuing me, but I didnt like her at all.

Were you jealous just now”

Su Yayan flew into a rage.

“Do you have a problem with that”

Huo Chenhuan immediately surrendered.

“No, youre my wife.

You should be jealous when people talk about this.

Im glad youre jealous because of me..”



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