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Chapter 435: You Are Attractive

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Su Yayan felt a little embarrassed when she heard Huo Chenhuans good-natured response, but she still snorted arrogantly.

Although Huo Chenhuan liked it when Su Yayan was jealous because of him, he didnt want her to be upset.

He comforted her.

“That woman is stupid.

Lets not take her seriously, honey.

Its not worth it to be angry over her.”

Su Yayan calmed down and thought,This woman is indeed stupid.

Not to mention the fact that her niece had fallen for him because of her own wishful thinking, even if they had been in love with each other back then, now that her niece had married someone else and given birth to a child, Huo Chenhuan already had a family of his own.

These things should not be dug out and mentioned again.

If news of this reached the ears of her nieces husband and her nieces husbands family, what would they think of her niece

Or was it because she was not around, and it had been so many years, and she wanted to make use of her nieces past reputation as the one who got away Who was she trying to annoy

Su Yayan thought about it and felt that there was only one possibility—

“Whats wrong” Huo Chenhuan saw Su Yayan suddenly raise her head and stare at him.

His heart skipped a beat, afraid that she would say something shocking again.

Su Yayan shook her head and said earnestly, “Nothing.

I just thought of something.”


“Money moves the heart.”

The reason why these women dared to mock Huo Qihan and his family so blatantly was that they thought highly of Huo Chenhuan.

On one hand, it was because Huo Qihans family had suffered a huge setback recently.

On the other hand, it was because Huo Chenhuan was on good terms with the Lan family and wanted to use Huo Chenhuan to build a relationship with the Lan family.

To put it bluntly, the reason that made these people lust for Huo Chenhuan was not him, but the hidden benefits he brought with him.

“If thats the case, you dont have to worry.”

Su Yayan looked at him in confusion.

“Im just a pretty boy who depends on his wife.

If you dont give me a salary, I wont even have the money to support my family.

Whats there for them to covet”

Su Yayan thought for a while and agreed.

Needless to say, the feeling of being in control of the familys finances was really amazing!

Su Yayan, who was stunned by her realization, looked much better immediately.

When she saw her mans face, her expression turned serious again.

She said earnestly, “Your looks are equally attractive.”

Su Yayan even caressed Huo Chenhuans face like a dandy who was flirting with a rich mans wife.

“I like your looks.”

Fortunately, there was a soundproof glass at the front and back of the car, which perfectly isolated their conversation.

Otherwise, the chauffeur would have driven the car into a ditch when he heard Su Yayans words.

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Perhaps it was because he had been teased too many times recently, Huo Chenhuan was no longer blushing like before.

When he heard Su Yayans words, he even replied with a smile, “No matter how much their hearts move, mine will only be yours.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

Sigh, his skin had become thicker.

He was no longer as easy to tease as before.

However, his words made her happy, so she reluctantly let the issue go.

“Thats more like it.

Remember what you said.

Whether its coveting your money or your beauty, the wildflowers outside must not be picked!”

Seeing that Su Yayan was no longer angry at them, Huo Chenhuan smiled.

However, this smile did not last long before it was replaced by coldness.

Although he consoled Su Yayan not to take those words to heart, he did not intend to let go of the woman who had upset Su Yayan..


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