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Chapter 436: When Will It Be

Su Yayan had no idea what Huo Chenhuan was thinking.

Ever since she returned from the Lan family, she had been preparing for her lessons.

To be exact, she had started preparing for her lessons a few days ago.

However, the day before she had to go teach, she had lost all her confidence.

All that was left was anxiety.

Huo Chenhuan saw how flustered she was and felt bad for her.

He laughed and said, “Youre just going to teach a few kids.

Do you have to be so nervous”

“Kids Some of them are even older than me or you.

How can you call them kids”

Su Yayan suddenly recalled that Ye Qiliang had mentioned that he would bring some “elders” over to listen.

Therefore, the kid Huo Chenhuan was talking about might be even older than his father…

“Since theyre older than you, why would they listen to a young lady like you”

Su Yayan choked and glared at him.

Huo Chenhuan was not angry.

He said kindly, “Since they invited you to be their lecturer, it means that you have the ability to convince them.

Dont be afraid, darling.

Just relax.”

Su Yayan was not comforted at all.

She sprawled on the bed and said dejectedly, “This is the first time Im teaching others.”

“The first time is a learning experience, the second time youll get the hang of it.”

“Im worried that if I dont teach them well, theyll mislead the students.”

“If I remember correctly, youre the only one who knows how to do this.

Even if youre wrong, no one would be able to tell, right”

Although Huo Chenhuan was curious why Su Yayan suddenly knew how to cook and treat illnesses, everyone had their secrets, just like him.

Sometimes, it was not necessarily a good thing to get to the bottom of things.

As long as she was still Su Yayan, the person he loved deeply, that was enough.

“…Your way of thinking is a little dangerous.”

“Dont give yourself too much pressure.” Huo Chenhuan patted Su Yayans head and consoled her gently.

“Youre not a doctor, so you dont have to shoulder the blame yourself.

Even a doctor cant save everyone.”

Su Yayan thought about it.

It seemed… reasonable.

“The master initiates the apprentices but their skill depends on their own efforts.

If they learn well, it will be good.

If they dont, there are many other things that they can do.

No one said that if they learn from you, they must use that knowledge.

“That sounds right.”

“So, dont be too nervous.

Just treat it as a meeting for your employees.”

“…Thats too easy.”

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Huo Chenhuan looked at her and smiled meaningfully.

“If youre so nervous that you cant sleep, lets do something to help you sleep tonight.”

“Whats good for my sleep” Su Yayan realized something was wrong after she said that.

She stared at Huo Chenhuan for a long time before she rolled to the side and wrapped herself in the blanket.

Huo Chenhuans eyes darkened as he smiled.

“Are you implying that I can do whatever I want to you”

A buzzing sound came from under the blanket, and it sounded a little angry.

“In your dreams!”

“Then when will it be”

The person under the blanket was silent for a moment before replying calmly, “I am asleep.

I didnt hear anything.”

Then, she realized that her tone did not sound good, so she added softly, “Well talk about it later.”

Huo Chenhuan looked at the lump on the bed and smiled..

He moved closer to the bed and said in a hoarse voice, “When Im completely healed…”



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