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Chapter 438: Cant Get Away

The few of them realized that they had indeed lost their composure after being shouted at by Ye Qiliang.

Embarrassed, they said, “We didnt mean anything else.

We were just too excited.”

Ye Qiliang grunted coldly and still refused to move aside.

Su Yayan saw that they clearly knew Ye Qiliang.

She glanced at them and finally asked, “Professor Ye, these people are…”

Ye Qiliang froze when he heard Su Yayans question.

He awkwardly said, “They… are professors from other universities.”

“Why would professors from other universities come to your university”

Ye Qiliang opened his mouth and was about to explain when one of them interrupted him.

“We came for you.”

“For me” Su Yayan raised her eyebrows as if she had sensed something.

“How did you know I was coming”


“Its all my fault.” Unexpectedly, the person apologizing was Ye Qiliang.

It turned out that after Su Yayan had accepted his invitation, the old professor had been overjoyed.

In order to express his joy and to show off, he had posted this on his WeChat Moments.

In the end, this action had attracted everyone.

Ye Qiliang was so regretful that his intestines were turning green.

He wished he could transmigrate back to that time and chop off his restless fingers.

After hearing his explanation, Su Yayan was embarrassed.

She looked at the uninvited audience and grimaced.

“Everyone, this is A University.

Its not good for you to come here to attend class.”

“Whats so bad about that” Their eyes turned to the headmaster.

When the headmaster first saw them, he had been blinded by anger.

Now that he had calmed down, being stared at by these old professors who were several years older than him caused cold sweat to drip down his face.

His tone was not as confident as before.

“Its not good to begin with.

Youre from another university.

If the guards let you in without permission, Ill have to settle the score with them, let alone you want to attend the class here.

Youve never applied formally either…”

The more he said that, the colder their gazes became.

The old headmaster braced himself.

This was not a precedent he wanted to set.

Not to mention that this Miss Su came only because she was invited by Ye Qiliang for a long time.

Even if it was just a normal teacher in the university, without his application, the people from other universities would come and listen as they pleased, and it was under his watch.

If this news were to spread, where would his face be

Seeing the old headmasters reaction, they knew that it was not going to work.

They looked at each other and then seemed to come to a decision.

“As long as its someone from your university, they can attend the class”

“” How did you come to this conclusion I didnt say it, I didnt say it.

Stop messing around!

Sure enough, in the next second, a few people said, “Then we will resign from our positions today and come to your university to apply for a job.

Let us freeload today and sit in the class.”

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The old headmaster, “…” Could he refuse If those old guys found out that he had poached them, wouldnt they eat him alive No, thats not right.

They were the ones who came willingly.

He did not poach them from other universities.

Su Yayan was speechless at theirshameless behavior.

She coughed lightly and reminded them, “My class isnt something that just anyone from A University can attend…”

Before she could finish, she was interrupted again.

“Dont you just want a guarantee letter Well sign it.”

“Yes, well sign it.

Well sign it immediately.”

Su Yayan was speechless..

What was wrong with these people How did they even know about this!


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