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Chapter 454: Settling Scores

Then there was the actress who suddenly jumped out to say that he was sexually harassing and pregnant with his child.

Luo Weibing only gave a simple reply: He had never had a relationship with any woman that surpassed that of a friend in his entire life.

Please respect yourself.

Subtle meaning: Thank you for the invitation, but Im still a virgin, and I cant possibly make any woman pregnant.

The child in your stomach can be anyones, but its definitely not mine.

In the end, he and Su Yayan were photographed at the hospital.

They were rumored to be having an affair, and that he got his new boss pregnant, therefore using this opportunity to change his management company.

Luo Weibing only shared a few medical records of his younger sister, saying that the one being treated in the hospital was his sister.

As the new boss of Luo Weibings management company, Su Yayan appeared in the hospital with him because she was visiting his sister.

However, at that time, Manager Xia and his current manager were also with them.

Those photos only included Su Yayan discussing her sisters condition with him.

Other than that, the doctor who treated his sister was also arranged by the company.

For this, he was very grateful that the company had saved his sister.

He did not regret choosing this humane company as his next big step in his career.

Luo Weibings fans almost cried when they saw his response.

They all expressed that they knew that Luo Weibing was not such a person, and their hearts ached for him being defamed with such a good new boss.

However, there were still quite a number of people who did not believe Luo Weibings response.

They even felt that he was making excuses.

This was because even though his answer seemed reasonable, other than the few medical records, there was no substantial evidence.

Without any evidence, it meant that he was not completely innocent!

However, these people had also forgotten who was the one who made the decision and who was the witness.

These people who suddenly came out to scold Luo Weibing had only used their mouth and one side of the story.

From the beginning to the end, they had not given any evidence.

They firmly believed the rumors and turned a blind eye to the explanation of the person who sincerely shared his side of the story.

They even shouted at him to hand over the evidence.

If not, why would people say that spreading rumors and breaking their legs would not possibly be worse off than Luo Weibing The person in concern was suffering the most.

Luo Weibings protectiveness of East City and Su Yayan angered his old boss.

In their eyes, they had spent a lot of money on Luo Weibing over the years.

Luo Weibing left as soon as the contract term was up, so they should accept it.

In the end, Luo Weibing resisted and even openly praised his new company.

Wasnt he mocking the old company for not treating him well

They immediately reposted Luo Weibings post and said that they respected Luo Weibings choice, but their company was too small for such an important person.

At the same time, they hired a group of keyboard warriors to accuse Luo Weibing of not obeying the companys rules during the contract period.

It was obvious that he had already found a new company and they wanted to pin the blame of being ungrateful on Luo Weibing.

This angered those old fans who had been fans of Luo Weibing since his initial debut and had followed him through countless storms.

[Originally, I thought that after all, my idol had stayed in a black-hearted company for six to seven years, he would still have some feelings for us.

After we parted ways, we could part peacefully.

We would not care about the dirty things that the dog company had done to my idol in the past.

Now, the dog company is obviously treating our tolerance as weak and easily bullied.

They are starting to distort the truth and trample on my brother to suck his blood..

Then we have to settle the score properly!]

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