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Chapter 471: I Am Complete

This was a paradise that had never been cultivated.

There were flowers, grass, trees, streams, animals, and plants.

The only thing missing was humankind, and this problem would be solved in a few days when the game officially opened.

Su Yayan looked at her reflection in the sparkling water.

Her face was no different from reality, except that she was wearing the makeup of the system.

She wore a delicate pink dress and her long hair was tied into a simple bun with two hairpins.

Although it was simple, it was very exquisite.

What satisfied Su Yayan the most was that the female characters in this game were not as… revealing as the other characters she had seen before.

It was still acceptable.

“Oh, right.

Wheres Chenhuan” Su Yayan finally remembered that she had lost her husband.

She recalled what Huo Chenhuan had told her before entering the gaming capsule.

“Dont panic when you enter the game.

If we dont land at the same place, open the server menu or wait for me to find you.”

Su Yayan searched for a while before she found the server menu.

She clicked on it and understood why Huo Chenhuan said that she could find him as long as she found this list.

At that time, there were only two people in the game.

One was himself, and the other was obviously Huo Chenhuan, but…

“Little Huanhuan from the Yanyan family” Su Yayan could not help but burst out laughing when she heard that name.

Her heart felt as sweet as honey.

They had not agreed on this beforehand, but they had come to an agreement to give each other the name of a loving couple.

Before Su Yayan could contact him, Huo Chenhuan sent her a message.

“Wait for me there.

Ill go find you.”

Su Yayan didnt know how he was going to find her, but she chose to trust Huo Chenhuan unconditionally and replied with an “Okay.”

Huo Chenhuan didnt make her wait long.

After about five minutes, Su Yayan heard a familiar voice behind her.


Su Yayan instinctively turned around, but she froze when she saw who it was.

The person wore a light blue robe, and his long hair that was different from reality was also held up by a silver crown.

He looked more scholarly than reality, familiar yet unfamiliar.

However, the biggest difference between the person in front of him and the outside world was that he was standing in front of him with his legs straight!


“You…” Su Yayan took a few steps forward, but she was unsure.

As if sensing her hesitation, Huo Chenhuans eyes flickered and he smiled.

“Im complete here.”

Yes, he was complete here.

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Even if he had not been cured in the outside world, in this virtual holographic world, he was a complete person.

He was not injured or disabled.

Tears welled up in Su Yayans eyes as a bold conjecture surfaced in her mind.

Maybe… maybe Huo Chenhuan had built this company with Zuo Yanbai and the others after the incident, working hard on the development of all kinds of virtual products just for this moment.

From a certain perspective, he had once again become a complete person without any flaws.

Tears welled up in Su Yayans eyes as she rushed into his arms.

She wanted to say something, but her tears fell first.

Huo Chenhuan hugged her tighter and closed his eyes, a rare look of satisfaction appearing on his face..


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