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It was madness and chaos in the live stream.

Some of Yayans older audience members who had been following her from two days ago became excited when they saw MulberryTreeInTheMountain make an appearance.


[Hahahaha, Daddy Number One is pulling out the big guns because hes not happy.]


[I just knew that we would attract Daddy Number Ones attention sooner or later when the live stream became so rowdy.

After all, Daddy Number One is our hosts one true love.]


[Daddy Number One: you and everyone else are all mere concubines as long as my palace doesnt collapse.

Everyone retreat!]


Many people still had vivid memories of how Huochen had gifted 520 gleaming diamonds on his first visit to the live stream.

His appearance this time was sure to lead to a wave of flirtations.


Yayan was both annoyed and amused when she saw these rewards.

Although she had to split her earnings sixty-forty with the platform, it was still forty percent of her earnings.

That wasteful man!


However, for girls, even though they moaned about how much a waste of money it was, in truth, they had no resistance against these gold bombs.


Standing out of frame, the corners of Yayans lips curled upwards into a giant smile, showing how she was in a great mood despite what she was saying.


“Everyone, stop giving me rewards and discussing whether you can be my boyfriend or not.

Im already married.

My husband will be jealous if you keep this up.”


The power of Yayans words could be compared to that of a nuclear bomb.

The audience, which had already been going crazy in the comment section, immediately became even more frenzied.


[The host is already married She sounds so young.

How could she be married so soon]


[Exactly, and the host doesnt even have a diamond ring or anything of the sort on her finger.

Could she be lying to us]


[Hey, upstairs, are you crazy Why would the host lie to us about this Dont you know that many audience members are fans of single people, and being married is a sensitive subject that could cause her to lose fans]


[Pfft Fans of single people Do we have to consider whether a host is single or not before we become a fan of them Wake up.

Were fans of a host who never shows her face and fans of her culinary skills!]


[I… I… I am a fan of her hands.]


[Statement from a voice nerd: I am a fan of her voice.]


[Honest people dont keep secrets.

Im a fan of her knife work.]


[Who cares if shes married or not.

I will be her loyal fan as long as she cures my period pains!]


The speaker did not mean anything else, but the listeners still found hidden meanings.


While the audience in the live stream was busy discussing if Yayan was married or not, Huochens attention was focused on the diamond ring question an audience member had brought up.


He had been careless! How could he have missed out on something so important


“Is Hermes available these days”


Yanbai immediately understood and replied, “Mr.

Hermes has purposely blocked off a month in his schedule upon hearing that you and Ms.

Su are getting married next month, Young Master.”


Chenhuans eyebrows furrowed slightly.

It was something that anyone else could think of.

However, as someone directly involved, he felt inexplicably troubled and torn because of that…


“Have him do a rush job on an engagement ring in half a month.”


Yanbais eyes sparkled as he nodded and said, “Alright, Ill get in touch with him soon.”


“Also, draft a plan for a marriage proposal.”


Yanbai was stunned.

“You mean…”


“I made a promise to Yanyans father.

She will not miss out on whatever anyone else has.”


Naturally, this included a marriage proposal.


Yanbai immediately understood and nodded.

“I understand.”


Chenhuan ruffled Dun Duns chubby, fluffy neck.

His inner excitement was revealed through the fingers that could not stop traveling through the fur.


As for Dun Dun, whose fur had been ruffled and messed up without any reason, had a deadpan expression on its face.

Its dad was great in every way except for the fact he enjoyed ruffling its hair too much.

Did he not know that even the fluffiest dog would become bald if you ruffled their hair too much


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