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Chapter 482: Scratch Blindly

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This was supported by many people.

Most people didnt cook themselves.

Even if they ate these things, they basically went to the high-class restaurants outside.

They were all finished products, so they had no idea what they were made of.

After kneading the dough, Su Yayan began to roll the dumpling skin.

After rolling a few dumplings, she passed the task to the female chef.

She went to the side to prepare the fillings.

The fillings of the dumplings did not have a fixed recipe.

They were basically chosen according to her own taste.

Su Yayan chose a few dishes that she and Huo Chenhuan liked.

She cut the shredded vegetables and chopped them into pieces.

Her actions were swift and clean.

In no time, the small pile of vegetables became a pot of colorful filling.

Not to mention the audience in the livestream, even the people in the room who was busy cooking could not help but be attracted by Su Yayans actions.

Even though there were not many chefs in this era, the families that could afford to hire chefs were not too poor.

Generally speaking, they would provide the kitchen with some simple necessary tools.

The cutting machine was one of them.

Because of this, many chefs knife skills were not particularly good.

Take the chef who was assigned to fry the shredded potato omelet for example.

If Su Yayan hadnt cut the shredded potato herself, he wouldnt have tried to cut it himself.

However, after cutting for a while, he finally realized that he was different from Su Yayan.

He threw the potatoes into the vegetable cutting machine.

People might not be able to do it for themselves, but when others could do it, they would feel some envy and admiration.

This was how many people in the livestream felt.

Su Yayan didnt know about this.

After preparing the fillings, she began to make dumplings with the female chef.

One of the special characteristics of the dumplings was their shape.

After wrapping the fillings in the skin, the dumplings would be closed.

The dumplings would be squeezed from the middle and then squeezed along the sides to the middle.

If the two sides were squeezed tightly, it would become a dumpling with a groove inside, similar to roasted wheat.

Many people did not even see Su Yayans actions before a small dumpling appeared before them.


The question mark army dominated the screen again, and the female chef was equally stunned.

Su Yayan noticed this as well.

She cleared her throat and said, “I was too fast just now.

Ill slow down this time.

Lets do this first… and then…”

The second time, Su Yayans bag was much slower.

The female chef managed to see it clearly, but she wasnt very familiar with it.

After that, Su Yayan demonstrated several more times before the female chef was finally able to make a complete dumpling.

However, the shape was still a little unsightly.

The female chef was rather embarrassed.

She was clearly a professional who had been specially hired, but in the end, her culinary skills were not as good as the lady bosss.

She felt a little handicapped!

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Today was destined to be a day of defeat for these people.

Many viewers in the livestream room were curious and copied Su Yayan, but all of them failed.

[Repeatedly verifying the previous statement.

The hosts seemingly simple production methods would really kill us if they were in our hands! Just now, I tried to imitate the hosts movements and almost twisted my hand.

Now, my hand has turned into a chicken claw and I cant quite pull it off..

Some things are pleasing to the eye, but what I did was just scratch blindly with my chicken claws.

Im useless!]


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