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Chapter 50: Rose Motherwort Tea

That was just being plain provocative!

However, the keyboard warriors that the bossman had mocked did not just feel their scalp go numb.

The reason why they had come to troll this live stream was not only because they wanted to sow discord between the host and the audience, but also because they wanted to confuse the passerby audience members who dropped by later.

As the saying goes, repeated rumors become fact.

When they spammed enough comments, browsers who had clicked into the live stream without knowing anything in advance would then have a negative first impression toward the host.

Fans of some other hosts might even feel righteous indignation as they felt their favorite streamers thunder being taken away by someone else like this and end up becoming anti-fans.

They had used this method to overthrow countless new hosts, but who would have expected things to go wrong in such a small-scale live stream!

Not only had this person not been defamed, but they had even climbed up several places on the charts after receiving virtual gifts and secured themselves a place on the top.

That spot was now exclusive to them because they had managed to get miles ahead of the other hosts.

Yet, the person who had caused all this to happen had sent a follow-up comment that made them too scared to make rash judgments despite how angry they were.

Those who had just witnessed how ruthlessly Chenhuan had thrown his money around just now did not doubt the validity of his statements one bit.

Their employer had wanted to oppress, but after spending so much effort on trying to oppress them, not only were not harmed in the slightest, but they had managed to achieve even more.

Who had caused this to happen

Just like that, the keyboard warriors were scared off halfway through their acts of defamation by a single sentence from Chenhuan.

Coincidentally, Yayan had returned after getting a small bunch of rosebuds from Aunt Li.

When she saw that eye-catching sentence on the white screen, she asked in confusion, “Continue what What were you guys talking about just now”

Her question seemed to act like a switch as real-time comments immediately began flooding back into her live stream like a gushing river.

However, this time, everyones focus seemed to be directed towards Chenhuan.

Some acted cute, while some begged him to take them under his wing.

The multiple layers of flattery made her, the actual host, seem to have become cast into the shadows.

Yayan, “” What was going on She had just left for a while.

Why had she lost everyones attention

Sadly, the special effects from the rewards had long since passed, and all Yayan could see was the rapidly rising audience count in her live stream.

She had not seen how a certain someone had climbed up the rewards leaderboard rapidly and had also missed out on the best chance to witness how wasteful a certain man had been.

“Im so sorry.

I had to spend some time looking for ingredients because this was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Anyway, back to business now.

Next up, were going to prepare rose motherwort tea, which requires only two simple ingredients, rose petals and motherwort tea.

Of course, friends who enjoy a sweeter taste can opt to add some honey in too.”

[Rose petals Flowers can also be cooked and consumed]

“Of course.

Not only can rose petals be used in preparing tea, but you can use them to bake biscuits too.

Cookies that smell like flowers are so mouth-wateringly delicious that the smell is enough to make anyone cry, so lets not even think about how you would feel when you eat them.

Ill show you guys how to make them when we get another chance.

For now, well just prepare a simple tea.”

As Yayan spoke, she washed the two ingredients clean and filtered out any impurities.

Then, she placed them into a pot and put them on high heat so that they could be brought to a boil.

“Those who watched my live stream yesterday should know that motherwort can promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation.

It also has certain effects on period pains.

However, its slightly bitter taste results in an unpleasant taste after being cooked.

That is why it needs to be paired with other ingredients.

“Roses have a unique, pleasant smell, and this smell can make up for the taste of the motherwort.

Additionally, roses have certain medicinal properties too.

Not only can it replenish energy and blood, but it can also beautify and nourish the face.

Its a perfect fit for any girl.”


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