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Chapter 515: Not Tonight

Su Yayan glanced at the screen before glancing at Huo Chenhuans face.

“Its my mother.”

Not only did Huo Chenhuans dark expression not recover, his face became even darker.

If it were anyone else, he could still seek revenge, but his mother-in-law could not afford to offend them.

It was even more frustrating!

Cheng Xiuqin did not say much over the phone.

She only asked Su Yayan to bring Huo Chenhuan with her tomorrow.

Su Yayan assumed that she knew about Huo Chenhuan, so she didnt explain.

She only promised to bring Huo Chenhuan over tomorrow.

“My mom wants us to go back tomorrow.”

“Is it because of me”

“I think so.” Su Yayan stared at Huo Chenhuan without blinking.

Huo Chenhuans hair stood on end from her stare, and he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Whats wrong”

“My mom wants us to go back tomorrow.”

“I know, didnt you just say that”

“Were going back tomorrow, so we cant be too tired tonight.”

Huo Chenhuan finally understood what Su Yayan meant.

He raised an eyebrow, but he wasnt as angry as Su Yayan had expected.

“Not tonight, but tomorrow night is fine”

Su Yayans expression froze and she rolled her eyes at him.

Huo Chenhuan looked aggrieved.

“Are you that unwilling”

Of course… it was not that she did not want to.

It was just that her heart could not take it with such sudden notice.

However, after calming down and thinking about it, they were husband and wife, so it was normal for them to do such things.

Previously, she had wanted to give him a fat son or daughter!

At this thought, Su Yayan stopped struggling internally.

She raised her head and kissed Huo Chenhuan before running away with her face blushing tomato red.

This time, Huo Chenhuan did not stop her.

He only touched the spot where he was kissed and smiled triumphantly.

News of Huo Chenhuans recovery spread very quickly.

Apart from a few senior executives who were on good terms with Su Yayan, Old Master Cheng, Ning Qirui and the others also received news about him and called her to ask.

In order to celebrate this joyous occasion, Ling Xiaoqi even sent a document over.

Su Yayans face turned red.

She didnt even dare to sleep with Huo Chenhuan for this last night.

She packed her things and went to the guest room to sleep.

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The next morning, Su Yayan woke up early to prepare a delightful breakfast.

As she ate, she wanted to bring food back for Cheng Xiuqin and the rest.

As the saying goes, ones mouth is soft while ones hands are short.

After they eat the food she prepared, they wont make things too difficult for Huo Chenhuan and her.

Su Yayan was dreaming.

As soon as Huo Chenhuan came downstairs, she immediately cowered.

Even during breakfast, she did not dare look into Huo Chenhuans eyes.

She was afraid that if she did, she would remember what she saw last night.

Huo Chenhuan could tell that Su Yayan was embarrassed.

His lips curled up and his eyes sparkled with eagerness.

Since he had waited for so long, he could wait a little longer.

The atmosphere between the two was subtle but noticeable enough that even Uncle Zhang could tell.

However, he was not in a hurry.

When Young Master was sitting in the wheelchair, Young Madam had been devoted to him.

Now that Young Masters legs had recovered, their relationship would definitely improve in the future.

One could say that throwing a little tantrum was a catalyst for a couples emotions.

He might be able to see an adorable Young Master and Young Mistress after some time.

He had to prepare in advance..


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