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Chapter 518: Whos In Charge of the Familys Finances

Su Yayan never expected that although her mother said that she believed her, she actually had such thoughts!

However, on second thought, if it were her, if someone she was extremely close to suddenly changed their attitude one day and said that they wanted to marry someone their family had never heard of before, her heart would probably be filled with question marks.

“Yes, yes, yes.

I was indeed in the wrong.

I didnt tell you in advance and gave you such a big shock.

However, Im not lying to you about the fact that we like each other.

Ive always been cautious when it comes to matters of the heart.

I wont take it lightly.”

“Furthermore, when I got married to Chenhuan, you should have seen all the betrothal gifts that Chenhuan had given me.

If we only decided to get married as an agreement, why would he give up everything that he had Hes not stupid!”

Cheng Xiuqin was stunned.

She thought about it carefully and realized that it made sense.

“Forget it, forget it.

Chenhuans legs are fine now.

You guys should live a good life in the future.

I wont worry about you anymore.”


Cheng Xiuqin smiled and pinched her daughters little face.

Then, she seemed to have thought of something and frowned.

“Oh right, after you guys got married, whos in charge of the familys finances”

Su Yayan was startled.

Although she did not understand why she was asking, she answered truthfully, “Most of the assets are under my name now.

Other than keeping some basic funds for the company, I have invested most of them.

The profits have been quite good recently.”

“Its good that youre in charge.

However, youd better be careful.

Chenhuans legs have recovered, and hell have to go out to socialize in the future.

Its not that I dont believe in your relationship, but you need to manage your family well.

Its not as if everything will be fine after you get married.”

The corners of Su Yayans mouth twitched.

“Mother, are you worried that Chenhuan will cheat on me after he recovers”

Cheng Xiuqin glared at her.

“I didnt say that.

I just wanted you to pay more attention.

Feelings need to be managed, and so does a family.

Dont take it too lightly.

Otherwise, if you come back crying to us in the future, we wont care about you.”

Su Yayan chuckled.

“Even if you dont care about me, theres still Brother.

If Chenhuan dares to let me down, Brother will not let him off!”

“You can say this just because your brother dotes on you!”

Su Yayan held her hand and chuckled.

After laughing, she couldnt help but turn to look at her.

“Mother, do you have anything else to ask me”

The smile on Cheng Xiuqins face faded a little as she looked at her youngest child, who she had never worried about since she was young.

After a long while, she sighed.

“Yes, but I wont ask.”

This answer surprised Su Yayan.


“Actually, ever since you were pushed down by Huo Shaofeng and that little b*tch into the hospital, Ive felt like youve changed.

Be it your thoughts or your personality, its not like youve changed so much.

Its just that… you seem to have matured a lot and started to have your own secrets.


Cheng Xiuqin held her hand and said with a smile, “At that time, your father and I felt that you were stimulated by Huo Shaofengs incident and grew up all of a sudden.

At first, we were also very worried that you might be holding it in because you were unhappy.

If this continued, you might end up sick.”

Su Yayan was both touched and helpless.

“I really dont have any feelings for Huo Shaofeng.

Breaking off our engagement really didnt affect me much..”

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