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Chapter 548: Cool You Down


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In the end, Zuo Yanbai was the first to break the silence and lead everyone present to save themselves.

“Cough, we didnt see or hear anything just now.”

As if they had just woken up from a dream, the others hurriedly chimed in.

“Right, right, right.

We didnt see or hear anything,”

They didnt see the gentleness and sweetness of their boss when he was with Young Madam, nor did they hear the indecent teasing from their boss.

They were all blind and deaf today.

So, Boss, please spare our lives!

Huo Chenhuan glanced at the trembling crowd and asked kindly, “Where were we”

Zuo Yanbai and the others felt as if they had been granted amnesty.

They hurriedly shot a look at the manager who had reported to them earlier, telling him to quickly continue.

Even though the gossip between Young Master and Young Madam was exciting, it was still deadly if one read too much into it!

Although Su Yayan sounded fierce, she had a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

She couldnt bear to let him starve.

As soon as she reached home, she ran to the small kitchen and gave her fans some benefits.

“Recently, the weather has been rather hot, and it has caused people to be more heaty.

Their appetites are also not very good.

So today, I will bring a few medicinal cuisine and home-cooked dishes to cool everyone down and increase their appetite.”

Huo Chenhuan had just entered the livestream broadcast room when he heard these two sentences.

He seriously suspected that this fire extinguisher was specially prepared for him.

After all, he had been… quite heaty recently.

Without waiting for him to think too much, the screen of the livestream room was flooded with comments from the audience.

[Ive been really heaty recently.

The weather is hot and Im feeling frustrated.

My mouth feels bitter and I have no appetite at all.]

[Sob sob sob sob, previous commenter, you just have a bitter mouth, Im the one whos really miserable.

There are a few ulcers in my mouth, and it feels so good after it bursts… ]

[shake hands with the person above.

Once I am heaty, my mouth will grow ulcers.

Not only does my mouth have ulcers, my face will grow spots too.

And when they start sprouting, it will grow on my entire.

Im so angry!]

[I dont just have ulcers in my mouth, my teeth hurt too.

The flesh under my teeth is swollen and soft when I touch it.

It feels like it could break at any moment.

Its really torture.]

“Generally speaking, there are four types of internal heat.

The liver is fiery, the heart is fiery, the lungs are fiery, and the stomach is fiery.

If you feel that the mouth is bitter, the liver is fiery.

If the mouth has ulcers, the heart is fiery.

There are many reasons for the internal heat.

Other than the weather, all

of you usually stay up late.

If you drink too little water, its easy for you to get inflamed.”

‘The weather was rather hot, so Su Yayan prepared mostly cool and sweet soup—Dragon Eye Lotus Seed Soup and Wolfberry Silver Ear Soup.

Then, she used a spherical scoop to dig out a watermelon bowl and used the ready-made watermelon skin to carve a beautiful pattern.

It was clearly a simple ingredient, but with her actions, it instantly became a beautiful fruit after a meal.

Most of the dishes that Su Yayan chose were dishes that could both reduce heat and protect the liver and kidney.

Dongpo Tofu and asparagus were vegetarian dishes, and they were bland.

The heaviest dish should be the stir-fried pork loin.

The smell of the pork loin itself was rather strong.

If it wasnt handled properly, just this smell alone would be enough to persuade most people to leave.

Su Yayan first removed the tendons in the pork loin and added some water.

Then, she soaked it in wine and mixed it with hot oil.

Other than that, she also needed to add some heavy seasoning dishes such as scallions and ginger to remove the fishy smell.

After mixing it with the refreshing cucumbers and fungus, she produced a tender and tasteless sauteed pork loin dish..

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