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Chapter 555: Can I Really Be Cured

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yayan was busy treating the patient inside, and the three of them waited anxiously outside.

Especially Jiang Chengwang, who had been wandering around since he came out.

The floor in front of the guest room was almost scraped off by him.

At first, Elder Jiang was rather calm, He even took the opportunity to call his old friend who he mentioned before and ask him about the house in € City.

That old friend was also very loyal.

When he heard that he was going to bring his granddaughter to stay in C City for a period of time, he immediately expressed that he shouldnt even think about renting a place outside.

Would renting a place be as comfortable as living in his own house

The house they lived in was not very big either and had always been empty.

The grandfather and grandson duo could just help to tidy up the house after they went over.

There was no need to rent another place anymore.

He would get someone to send the keys over when he was free in two days.

Elder Jiang didnt refuse his friends offer after hearing this.

He really needed this place to stay.

There was no need to argue over this.

He would remember this favor.

Seconds and minutes passed.

After about an hour, Elder Jiang started to get anxious.

He kept looking at the closed door of the guest room.

Even when he was talking to Huo Chenhuan, he started to get distracted.

Huo Chenhuan was actually a little anxious.

He wasnt concerned about Miss Jiangs situation inside, but he was worried that his wife would be tired.

“Tm feeling great.

Bring me out of here.”

“Oh, okay.” Jiang Chengwang was stunned for a few seconds before he came back to his senses.

He hurriedly carried his sister onto the wheelchair.

He felt that his sister seemed to be… different from usual.

Elder Jiang stood up when he saw Su Yayan.

He suppressed his urge to go in to see his granddaughter and asked, “Miss Su, what about Runrun…”

“Te already treated her.

Her condition is slightly worse than Chenhuans.”

Elder Jiangs heart skipped a beat upon hearing this.

If her condition was worse than Huo Chenhuans, then.

“Fortunately, she didnt delay her treatment as long as Chenhuan, so the chances of her being cured are still very high.

If it were a few years later, it might not have been so easy.”

Elder Jiangs mood was like a roller coaster, rising and falling, If it wasnt for his healthy heart, he would have already fainted.

“Thats good.

Thats good.”

Jiang Chengwang pushed his sister out and heard what they said.

He frowned and seemed to have made up his mind..

He suddenly asked, “Can you really cure my sister”


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