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Chapter 559: Whats Your Main Job

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Su Yayan was pleasantly surprised and looked at An Rusu eagerly.

“Do you have a roommate whose ID is called HasThePeriodGoneToday And she even has a verified account called XiaYouNingXi”

An Rusu was stunned.

She didnt expect Su Yayan to know about this.


Lan Jiaye chuckled when he saw An Rusu standing there in a daze.

“I told you she was a fan of the host, but you didnt believe me.”

‘An Rusu snapped out of her trance and glanced at Su Yayan.

‘Then she reached out and pinched Lan Jiayes waist, showing no mercy.

How dare he expose her in front of the person involved.

He deserved a lesson!

Lan Jiaye was pinched ruthlessly, and his expression instantly changed.

He wanted to cry out in pain, but he remembered that he was in someone elses company, so he could only show his grievance to his girlfriend with tears in his eyes.

Su Yayan noticed their actions and changed the topic.

“You said that youre here to discuss a collaboration with our company What collaboration Have you signed the contract”

“Its an adaptation of a comic series and has already been signed.

Im here today to deliver the script.”

“Comic series” Su Yayan seemed to have sensed something.

“Dont tell me its that book,After founding a nation, you mustnt become a demon”

“After founding a nation, you mustnt become a demon” was one of the three IP plans that Xia Junsheng had mentioned to her previously.

It was about a nine-tailed fox that became a demon after the founding of the nation due to congenital underdevelopment.

She had no choice but to become a demonic


In order to avoid the inspection departments investigation, she made countless jokes.

Although this was a typical comedy, the characters in it were full of personality.

The seemingly amusing plot also revealed many practical problems.

There were laughter, tears, blood, and flesh.

Su Yayan took a glance at it and made it an important IP plan.

An Rusu was shocked again.

“How did you know”

“Recently, the company is focusing on only one comic to IP.

I didnt expect the original author to be you.

Youre really impressive.”

An Rusu was a little embarrassed by her compliment.

“Youre flattering me.

| originally studied drawing.

I only drew this on a whim back then.

I didnt expect it to come to this today.

If I really have to say that Im good, my roommate is much better than me.”

“Your roommate” Su Yayans eyes lit up.



She has a novel signed by your company.”

“Whats it called”

“Prima Donna.”

Su Yayan was slightly surprised.

She didnt expect that the novel that she had been paying special attention to was written by someone she knew.

“Isnt she a cosplayer Why is she writing a novel”

Before this, Su Yayan really did not know what cosplay was.

It was because of this XiaYouNingXi that she went to investigate, so she had a deep impression of her.

“Cosplaying is just her hobby.

Writing novels is also her hobby, just like how illustration is my hobby.”

An Rusu didnt dare to say that cosplaying was also her hobby, but she was brought up by Xia Ningxi.

Normally, if Xia Ningxi was a female character, she would pull her to cosplay as the male character.

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It was better not to talk about this, in case a certain someone felt jealous about it.

An Rusu subconsciously glanced at Lan Jiaye.

Lan Jiaye, who was unaware of the green light above his head, “”

Su Yayan frowned at her words.

“Didnt you just say that you studied drawing Why are you saying that drawing is your hobby now Then what is your main job”


“I know this, I know this.” Before An Rusu could answer, Lan Jiaye answered first.

“Susus main job is a fashion designer.”


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