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Chapter 580: Stood Up

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Huo Chenhuan scratched Su Yayans nose and teased her, “Now that you mention it, Ima little tempted.

Why dont you close down your company Ill take care of you.”

“Tsk…” Su Yayan rolled her eyes at him.” What a wastrel.

Arent you using our familys money to support me This company belongs to us too.

How much money will we lose if we close it down”

Huo Chenhuan was amused by his wifes money-grubber thinking and apologized softly, “Its my fault.

Il protect my wifes treasury.

I promise itll only increase and not decrease.”

“Thats more like it.”

It turned out that Su Yayans worries werent unfounded.

A week before she was ready to go to the Cheng family with Huo Chenhuan, this new male protagonist started to cause trouble for her company.

“What Youre not directing anymore No, Director Pan, didnt we have a good conversation before Why did you suddenly change your mind Are you dissatisfied with the terms We can discuss all these.”

Su Yayan had just entered the company when she heard that the head of the Planning Department seemed to be on the phone with someone.

It sounded rather urgent.

“Director Pan Director Pan Aiya…” At the end of the conversation, it seemed that the discussion had failed.

The Planning Department Heads face was very ugly.

Su Yayans intuition told her that something was wrong.

After some thought, she asked, “What happened”

“President Su.” The director of the planning department was startled and said awkwardly, “Its Director Pan, who was supposed to be the executive director ofPrima Donna.

He just called and said that he couldnt take on this show, so he asked us to find someone else.”

“Director Pan” Su Yayan frowned.

She wasnt familiar with the directors in the industry.

Previously, Xia Junsheng had only heard that the theme of “Prima Donna was special, and the background of the story was rather grand.

Ordinary directors probably wouldnt be able to handle it, so it was best to hire a professional director.

In the end, after much selection, they chose a senior director who had experience in shooting related subjects.

Previously, Xia Junsheng had personally gone to invite him.

The discussion went very smoothly and there were basically no slip-ups.

Unexpectedly, in just a few days, this person stood them up!

“Did you ask why”

“He said that he felt that the filming duration and intensity of this drama was too long, and that his aging body couldnt take it.”

$u Yayans intuition told her that things werent that simple.

“Alright, I have a rough idea of what happened.

You guys can continue with your work.”

‘The Planning Department Head was initially worried that Su Yayan would blame them for this, but he heaved a sigh of relief when he heard her words.

He hurriedly expressed his loyalty before sending her away.

Su Yayan went back to his office and thought that there was something wrong.

She had previously heard from Xia Junsheng that this Director Pan was only in his early fifties this year and should be quite healthy.

Furthermore, Xia Junsheng had personally gone to talk to him about the collaboration.

It was impossible that he had not told him the estimated shooting time of this script beforehand.

This old fellow was doing well back then.

Now that he suddenly changed his mind, there must be some other reason.

Su Yayans intuition had saved her a few times.

Every time she felt that something was amiss, she had to investigate it thoroughly before she could feel at ease.

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This time was no exception.

Xia Junsheng was the one who found him.

Now that there was a problem, Xia Junsheng naturally had to investigate.

Xia Junsheng was also very surprised when he found out that Director Pan rejected them.

He went to find someone who knew about the situation that day.

He was quick and informed Su Yayan the next morning.

“Are you saying that he rejected this drama because he accepted another drama of a similar genre, and the main investor of this drama is Hai Yi Entertainment”


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