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Chapter 582: Really Related


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Xia Junsheng recommended Director Luo Baogeng for Su Yayan.

This director was almost 70 years old this year and was considered a famous national treasure director.

‘When this old director was younger, he had filmed many classic works that had lasted for a long time.

When he was old, he was regarded as a treasure by the industry.

Only movies and television dramas that he liked, or major international events, could attract him to film them.

It was impossible to tempt such a person with money.

The only way was to perfect the script and let him see their sincerity and willingly direct the film.

‘The first person Su Yayan thought of was Ye Qiliang.

Ye Qiliang was still in a daze when he received Su Yayans call.

After his shock, he was overjoyed.

“Miss Su”

“Professor Ye, I have something to ask you.”

“You dont have to be so polite with me.”

“Do you know Director Luo Baogeng”

Ye Qiliang wasnt sure why Su Yayan was looking for Luo Baogeng, but he answered truthfully, “I know him.

His wife and I were from the same school.

We met a few times when we were attending some events.

Why did you ask about him Did something happen”

$u Yayan didnt expect him to have such a relationship with Luo Baogengs wife.

Her eyes lit up and she told him the whole story.

Ye Qiliang was infuriated when he heard that.

Others might not know, but he knew very well that Su Yayan was not only the person in charge of East City, but she was also the famous food host, Little Yanyan.

He didnt have much of an impression of Wen Jingping if Su Yayan didnt mention her.

The moment she brought her up, Ye Qiliang remembered that he had seen Su Yayans livestream from a student.

Coincidentally, there was someone who deliberately stirred trouble in Su Yayans livestream.

They accused Su Yayan of plagiarizing her work and imitated Wen Jingpings livestream channel, causing her fans and haters to run to Su Yayans livestream to curse.

At that time, Ye Qiliang couldnt stand it anymore and even helped Su Yayan on the Internet to build a good relationship.

At that time, he didnt know about the feud between Su Yayan and this girl.

He only felt that this woman was full of lies.

Later on, because of what happened online, Ye Qiliang found out about Su Yayans grudges with this girl and her boyfriend.

At the same time, he lamented in her heart that Huo Shaofeng was really blind.

He had abandoned such a good girl like Su Yayan and chose someone who was full of lies… Well, in the words of a young person, she was called a Green Tea Lady.

Yes, it was green tea.

He did not want a good girl like Su Yayan and insisted on having this Green Tea Lady.

If his son could be ten years younger, he would definitely make him woo Su Yayan!

On the other hand, he felt that the reason Su Yayan started the livestream was probably because she couldnt take it lying down and wanted to make things difficult for Wen Jingping.

At the thought of this, he should be thankful for the catalyst for Su Yayan.

She allowed Su Yayan to walk in front of the public and prove how outstanding she was.

These words sounded sarcastic, but they were also true.

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Of course, this didnt stop Ye Qiliangs impression of Wen Jingping from falling to rock bottom.

After that, he saw the news on the internet that Wen Jingping had harmed her own team of fellow trainees in order to advance in the competition, and even framed her friend who was kind to her.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this young lady was not only selfish, but also extremely ruthless.

She was a two-faced and ruthless person.

Now that he heard Su Yayans words, Ye Qiliangs first reaction was, “Her management company poached the director of your new drama Did she do it on purpose”


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